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  1. Nigsy - Thank you for the response and link, but I preferred not to use an Avast product to uninstall their product. Too many rumors/stories about their intrusive code. I got rid of it with Revo and a little search and destroy work. Tx - FYI, I purchased PC Matic, did the download, etc., but the install did not identify any conflicting software (Avast) so I had to remove it. Notes for whoever is interested at PCPitstop: 1. I got a script error in the install process, but it doesn't appear to have affected anything. Sorry, I forgot to post first and lost the screen shot when I restarted. 2. Your purchase/install process could use a little refining. It seemed convoluted, and at times, hard to follow.
  2. I have Avast installed and want to replace it with PCMatic. Do I need to remove Avast before installing PCMatic? Any conflicts possible with both installed at the same time? Any tips on getting Avast completely removed? Waiting to purchase PCMatic until I have answers. Could not locate anything in the online materials available.
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