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  1. I went from Verizon (like the ol'AOL dial-up days of 56) to Xfinity. Supposed to be getting 400MBs but am only getting 180MBs + or -. Win 7 CGM4140COM sisco (newest router) Firefox or Comodo Dragon 3G mem I have scanned this PC so clean you can eat off the log files. No viruses, maleware,trojans........... I keep very few programs loading at boot. Add-ons are disabled I know it can connect at 400 because it has in the past. I have been beating my head into a wall with Xfinity. Two questions. well, maybe 3. Is it possible that Verizon left some file or .INI, .BAT or something that could limit my bandwidth? I have removed all verizon from add/remove but have yet to do a "very" thorough search in the registry etc... I have gone through the TCP/IP settings along with the router settings, internet settings etc.. Which brings me to the next Q. They have it set so you can't change the DNS (everyone is so freaking proprietary) I used to use JumpList Parser but can't force the DNS change. There must be a way. I know these are off the wall questions but someone "out there" knows how. There always is a way. Its just finding it. Well there you have it! If "anyone" has "any" ideas please feel free to enlighten me . Thanks in advance Brian
  2. I am not really new. I used Pitstop a long time ago, which brings me to my question: While doing a scan with Old Timer (or hijack this) I found a entry with the Pitstop name. I have seen it in the past but never continued with a inquiry. Here is the entry: DPF: {0E5F0222-96B9-11D3-8997-00104BD12D94} https://files.pcpitstop.com/cab/pcmatic.cab (PCPitstop Utility) Its not really doing anything, I don't think. Should I get rid of it and how? Thanks in advance The site looks good. I just don't buy much stuff. But will come back for the forums and test app's.
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