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  1. I scheduled and completed a scan-I got my report in email. However several hours after the report said scan completed something was not right. When I dble clicked my desktop icon for PCMatic I could not get the screen for PCMatic to show up. I could hear "something" was going on but did not know what. At that point all games etc were working fine. I restarted the PC and got the screen to show then. But games now did not load as expected. I used my instructions from the game site and got that fixed. What was going on? It was like PCMatic was still running? Doug Kendall
  2. three issues. NVIDIA card driver set to a much older one than I had installed. Game WOW detected it... Addons to WOW were set off-were on and latest available for WOW. My game suscription while showing all my games , when I select any one of them instead of being able to play it, I always got a strange msg followed by a default screen for looking at old news releases about the game. I fixed the first 2, but 3 is a mystery. I also conataced by mail the support for the game system. Help me if u can. I use W10 on a fast game based desktop PC. Doug Ken
  3. I just got PCmatic and followed all the proper steps and did a full scan(used defaults), . Now my NIVDIA driver is an older one than I had b4 and when try to download from NVIDIA site it won"t do it. I also use a game sbscription where it proplerly shows all the games I play (several) but when I pick a random game and hit play I get a msg saying some obscure file will be saved (choose save or cancel) and I get no game, just a video of ads from the package provider, never can load a game! I been using this service for a year-it's a paid subscription service. Why get this msg now? I am not a
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