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  1. I had thought I might have a virus so I ran PCMatic. It now has come to this screen and I don't know what to do. The reason is because I don't know what the message means. Does it mean that Java is not working? Java is an okay program that runs a lot of other things, from what I understand. Or does it mean a virus that is run by Java is about to be executed? I will write the message below and I hope a PCMatic tech sees this since I am not continuing to do anything until I am sure I do the right thing. Here's the message. Caution: The following program is about to be executed Java is blocked. to allow, check "Allow Java" in the Protection Level menu File: C:\Program Files (x86)Java\jre 1.80_19\bin\javaw.exe Vendor: Oracle Corporation Product Name: Java (TM) Platform SE 8 File Description: Java (TM) Platform SE binary Date: 11/11/2018 17:18:21 Version: 8.0.1910.12 File Size: 192376 Bytes The choices are: Block Always Block Allow Always Allow So again, am I blocking Java that is a file size of 192376 Bytes or am I blocking a virus that will use Java to infect my machine of the same file size? It is not clear from the message what to do. Maybe add a Hint button? > hit this option The SuperShield icon is red and Allow and Always Allow are in red as well, so do I hit Always Allow? I'd rather not guess. Please be a tech who knows the answer who can tell me. Thank you.
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