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  1. Hi Tx, Sorry........but not fixed. Ran a full scan last night and woke up to find a "PC Pitstop Error". At least it doesn't say I'm "unlicensed" anymore. Here's what my screen looks like now when I try to contact support: bob
  2. No problem Tx.......I appreciate the help!! thanks, bob
  3. Hi Tx, That's the problem..........I can't submit a ticket. When I click that link I then click "Tech Support", PCMatic Product, Yes (<10 computers), My issue is not here. Then I log in and all I get is a smaller banner at the top of the page that is half green (top) and half white. In the green section it says Technical Support followed by a small white X in the right corner. Under that the rest of the banner is empty white. There is no ticket form that loads and nothing to click on that brings up a form. Below is a screen shot of what I'm talking about. thanks, bob
  4. Ok, I just ran a scan again. When the scan ended it showed the results page. I clicked Next and it gave me a page showing the purchase options for PCMatic. At the top of the page it said "Click here to activate license key"....so I clicked it. The next screen was titled Update Your Account Profile. I entered my license key and all the other information in there was correct except for the length of the password listed, so I changed that to my actual password. I've never had a different password, so not sure what's going on there. When I submitted that update I got an error message saying Error Modifying Account: Email already registered. Please choose a different email address. So I have no clue what's going on. How do I chat with a person? Thanks, bob
  5. Hi Guys, At the end of my system scan after my initial download I got an error message that read "Error Reference ID: 78b1bb4dee834eb8ba33a475c981a71c". I cut and pasted that into a message to Support but never heard back. Now after I log in I see at the top of the Scan Summary page my computer and underneath that my email and name and then it says "unlicensed". I have a key from PCmatic that came with my confirmation email and it says "processed". So do I have PCMatic or am I still using the free scan? I can not contact support anymore as the support page will not fully load.......only the header that says SUPPORT and nothing below that. I don't know what's going on. When I run a scan (from the Icon installed on my desktop) it appears to work, and then about 30 minutes into it it stops and I get a box that pops up and says........"An unknown error occurred, we apologize for any inconvenience"......and the screen behind it is blank. Is there a way I can just uninstall PCMatic and start over? Does tech support have a telephone number I can call? thanks, bob
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