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  1. I somehow "lost" your PM...I am not having a good day...hehehe
  2. NO I am not logged in with credentials and license key. I go directly to the login and I am stuck there.
  3. I have checcked several times and as of now no link. I really don't understand where to check my online program...I don't understand that ...duh. Anyway, I have checked my spam and nothing there. Before I drive y nuts...any other ideas? I appreciate your efforts!
  4. Hi Y...I am not able to sign on and all I get to is the screen to login, which I can't since I don't remember my password....ugh. I only have 1 computer in my house now so I can't sign on from another. ??????? Thanks for your help to Tx Redneck! Help is on the way to me!
  5. I have been trying to change my password for 3 days with no luck. I enter my email in the window but I never get the expected link message. I even entered a different email address and still no link message. Are my requests being swallowed in a black hole? I know there is no phone support but what am I supposed to do? I have been a VERY happy user but this is NUTS! Thanks for any help you can give me...I am not good with computers so be slow...Thanks
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