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  1. Hi, I forgot my passwords for one of my Gmail accounts, Yahoo! Mail, my main Instagram account and, Snapchat (a string of bad luck I know haha) I had to create another e-mail address for the meantime. The thing is when I try 'Forgot Password' it will send a notification to a phone number which no longer works or to an e-mail address that I also forgot my password to. For my main Instagram account (which I have so many memories) I forgot my password and, don't know how to contact in regards that I am indeed ME and, that this is my account. The same goes for my main Snapchat account which has all my contacts I also don't know who to contact from Snapchat to help me; As I have tried to look for a help contact e-mail. Any help or leading me in the right direction would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you
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