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  1. I click unsubscribe on every single email and unchecked every box. What does it take to actually prevent this spam? I do not want your product!! My email is PLEASE REMOVE ME FROM YOUR SPAM LIST
  2. Dell XPS 9570 with killer brand bluetooth chip using a Razer Atheris bluetooth mouse. My laptop has all the latest drivers avialable. So after I pair my mouse it works fine until I turn off my laptop or put it into sleep mode. When I resume, the mouse won't connect. Turning off the mouse and on again does not work. Turning BT off and off again does not work. The only way I found to get my mouse to work again is to remove it from BT devices, then pair it again. All the BT options are set to allow discovery, I even selected "allow BT devices to see name of PC" but nothing works. Thi
  3. I tried following guides online that all say to find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Explore The problem is my registy doesn't have an Explorer key under windows, rather only Internet Explorer and a few other things. I can't figure out how to turn Action center on because I need to change the battery setting. I also tried searching my entire registy for "Disablenotificationcenter" but doesn't exist. I also tried to find it in the settings menu which is supposed to be under notification and actions but can't turn it on there either. I can turn system icons on an
  4. I spent quite a long time comparing laptops to my 2013 MBP and reading pro reviews for each and it was a very tough decision. Unfortunately none had every feature I wanted so it was always :filtered: for tat but seemed this one seemed to have the most overall features I want. There were a few others along this price range I would have chosen over this such as the Razer Blade or Gigabyte Aero but had a few key areas for me that wasn't up to snuff according to reviews such as heat, trackpad or battery life. I have to admit though, this 5 yr old MBP is still pretty darn fast at most everything a
  5. No it doesn't give any further information. Nothing listed under properties. The drive is 83.3 GB's free of 183 GB's. It's just an odd icon. I think it's related to my picture folder because the thumbnails go ham. I also can't really open them either. I'll see if I can copy it elsewhere then delete but trying to open them causes my computer to go really slow. Can't find any errors though.
  6. When I open file explorer, I started seeing an icon where the C drive is. It's a yellow caution or warning sign with an exclamation in the middle. So I scanned the drive for errors but it found none. I then scanned for viruses and it cleared as well. I optimized the drive in defragmentor...but I cannot seem to find out why this icon is there. Any ideas? The only odd issue I noticed is when I click on my downloads folder, there is a sub folder with a bunch of pics inside of it. When I open that, all the thumbnails will flash and reload. Like they all go blank then load back up and r
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