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  1. Microsoft has apparently fixed the problem where Super Shield prevented the Edge browser from opening. This has been a long time problem but after the latest update to Win 10 the Edge browser and Super Shield play nice with each other.
  2. 1809 has been released once again. The same problem exits with Edge-itwon't open with SuperShield active. Obviously this is not one of the problems MS worked on.
  3. I reverted back to 1803. MS has supposedly fixed the problems in 1809 and is releasing it to the Insider program for evaluation.
  4. I'm sure this affects everybody who has the latest Win 10 update and runs Edge and uses PC Matic.
  5. I'm not currently running any insider previews. My version is 1809 build 17763.1
  6. I just downloaded the latest update for Win 10 and Supershield won't allow Edge to load. Seems like this happens every so often after a MS update yo Win 10. I uploaded a log file a few minutes ago
  7. The problem was magically fixed by PC Pitstop's outstanding customer support. They really are excellent and quickly respond to problems.
  8. Super Shield is blocking RoboForm for Edge. If I disable SS RoboForm will load and if I re activate SS after RoboForm has loaded it will work fine. No problems with RoboForm in FireFox. I will send a log file
  9. I had submitted a trouble ticket on this problem and got a reply. The problem was being caused by a McAfee program running at the same time as Super Shield. I had to use a McAfee removal tool to remove all their stuff the remove PC Matic and Super Shield the reinstall fresh versions of both from the PC Matic website. Now it works great. Here is the complete instruction Thank you for contacting PC Pitstop Customer Service. Your scan results indicate that you are still running hidden pieces of the McAfee Security Suite and PC Matic's Super Shield at the same time. Running 2 or more "real-time" anti-virus products together creates an unstable environment and actually weakens security. This causes sluggish behavior, conflicts, false-positives, freezing and unpredictable blue screen errors. Please go to: Start> Control Panel> Uninstall a Program and uninstall anything associated with McAfee that may be there. Once you have removed the program, restart your computer When the computer powers back on, download and run the McAfee removal tool to take out their remnants. <<< This is an important next step McAfee removal tool: http://us.mcafee.com/apps/supporttools/mcpr/mcpr.asp Once the tool is complete, restart your computer once more. When the computer powers back on, you will want to get a fresh copy installed, to make sure to replace the files McAfee may have corrupted. 1) uninstall Super Shield from the control panel add/remove programs 2) uninstall PC Matic from the control panel add/remove programs 3) reboot the computer 4) go to c:\program files\pcpitstop (or c:\program files (x86)\pcpitstop for 64 bit systems) and manually delete the PC Matic folder to make sure that all parts are removed 5) reboot the computer 6) reinstall PC Matic from this link: http://pcpitstop.com/store/get.asp?prd=pcmatic&aff=0002 7) reinstall Super Shield from this link: https://supershield-files.pcpitstop.com/pcmaticss3.0.8.0-setup.exe 😎 open PC Matic and do another scan restart the computer (Sorry, yes one more time) Jeff York
  10. Log file has been uploaded. Thanks
  11. I have gotten a popup several times telling me my Super Shield is out of date and needs a newer version. I have which was installed yesterday when I reinstalled PC Matic. The popup seems to be from PC Matic. Anybody else seen this? These are with no browser open.
  12. I was using Edge this afternoon when I got a message, supposedly from Microsoft, that my computer was infected and I should call a toll free number. I immediately shut the computer off and install a recent image. I then ran a PC Matic scan and it skipped over malware detection. I completely uninstalled PC Matic and then reinstalled it. It still bypasses the malware scan. Any idea why this is happening. both full and partial settings skip malware.
  13. Microsoft loaded version17723.1000 on my computer a couple of days ago. Edge is no longer a beta but the results and error code are the same as my last post on 6 July.
  14. I'm still not generating any .dmp files. Today Microsoft loaded version 17711.1000 on my computer. Still a beta version of Edge but it behaves a little differently. It doesn't crash to desktop but gives an error code of 0x8027025b. I sent a new set of log files. I appreciate the time you are spending on this problem because I don't really think the problem is yours. I can always temporarily disable Super Shield when I need to use Edge.
  15. The only .dmp file are from early June. I'll try another log file upload
  16. Still not working although it seems to take a little longer to crash to desktop. I've sent another log file. Thanks for your efforts Bill
  17. The log file has been created and sent. Good Luck Bill
  18. Is the Win 10 media you are going to install from bootable? If it is you can boot from it and install. If it isn't do you have a Win 10 repair disk?
  19. I started having another problem. PC Matic won't load. I get a message on the load screen that says if this screen appears for more than 60 seconds press Alt 4 to clear and try again. I uninstalled PC Matic and reinstalled from a saved file and still won't load. As soon as I get this figured out I'll upload a log file. Apparently the problem was caused by your website being down. At any rate PC Matic is working again and I've uploaded the requested log file.
  20. The log has been uploaded. Hope it's what you need. If not let me know Thanks Bill I just noticed that the forums load in Edge and they loaded with Super Shield activated. Edge will not load by clicking on it's icon on the desktop with SS activated.
  21. I am in the Windows Insider program and earlier this week I got version 17704.1000 which included a beta version of the Edge browser. Each time I try to use Edge it crashes to the desk top. I found that if I disable Super Shield the browser will load and run properly. I don't want to run with SS disabled so I'd appreciate some advice. Thanks
  22. Thank you very much for resolving the problem. I really appreciate it. Many times when you have a computer or software problem you e mail the company and receive a "thanks for getting in contact with us, we'll get back to you" and that's the end of it, or if you call their toll free number you end up talking to somebody 10 thousand miles away who barely speaks English. I really appreciate the onshore support from PC Matic. Bill
  23. My computer ran a scheduled scan this evening for the first time in 2 0r 3 days. The report says it removed several .dll and .exe files seen as viruses. I ran a manual scan and it now works. I don't know what happened but I'm glad it did.
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