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  1. Yes I've used both and no avail. I have no idea what to do. Ive been on this problem for a few days now and its really killing me. I'm not sure what else to do. Gateway support doesn't even seem to know their hardware good enough
  2. Thanks for the reply I've tried that exact file. no luck
  3. Is there anything I can do to help? I have this notebok to work on and the drivers on gateways website won't work. I don't have the original CD that came with the the laptop for the drivers. I am recovering from an Hard Disk failure and sound drivers is all I lack. I downloaded and installed WDM_A400 From the Realtek Site. No luck Not sure what to think about this one http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=FC73HW7LFSVSKPPW Thanks for any help in advance
  4. Well I opened it up and a little chip, looked like it was a power converter, or conditioner of some sort that had falled off, I set it back in its place (it was previously soldered) and put it in, transfered the files to a new drive, and now i plan to re soder the chip back in place. Hope this can help somone who maybe encounters simular problems, and thanks for the encouragement and advice. I would've probably dug into it right away if it was my data but it was somone elses so i always use alittle more caution. Thanks agian.
  5. If anyone can relate to this post, It doesn't look like there are any screws so im just going to carefully pull both sections appart. I'm going to have to wait a bit, Also i just plan to get the drive working long enough to get the data off of it.
  6. Well for the simplicity of the post i quote it as my drive, but really its a friends, and I have I would say well knowledge of electronic repair or enough to follow even vague directions, I'm just wondering what others have done, Thanks agian for the post And im not sure of how a jump drive is structured as to the fact that can the memory even be transfer to a good drive?
  7. I have a Lexar Jump drive with alot of data for tests and study guides and so on, no recoverable unless i type it all up agian, which is very time consuming. The Drive Died this morning while plugged into the computer. The Usb connector moves around alot on the drive and I have tried plugging it into other computers. I suspect that a connection is dead that the memory is still Good. Does anyone or has anyone every attempted and been successful at repairing or transfering the memory of the drive to another drive or repairing it. The computer doesn't currently recognize the drive at all. Any Help and solutions offered is Greatly and i mean GREATLY appreciated. Thanks agian. , oh and any questions about the situation don't hesitate to ask. The Drive is also more than a year old.
  8. I'm having to replace a gpu cooler on my 6600 GT and im wondering if it needs to have thermal Compound inbetween the GPU and the HSF. Thanks for any answers or suggestions given.
  9. Also, check to make sure that your computer is spyware and virus free. You mentioned adds, and if there happens to be something running in the background thats dangerous, this could amount to the video distortion because of the processing going to the viruses and spyware instead of video support. Its always just a good idea to check
  10. another thing to mention is i sorta freaked out simularly a month ago when my computer reported simular errors, funnything was it was a different error every time. My problem, well i had to downclock my overclocked processor alittle till i have time to clean out my HSF ;P so another thing to check is that an overheating overclocked processor can cause BSODs And thats a wrap on todays story.
  11. Glad to hear you got it worked out
  12. This is a complete shot in the dark but uninstall quick time and Itunes and restart
  13. good job Glad to hear you got it fixed.
  14. I would suggest flashing the Bios but i've never done it and don't know if its a neccesary step in this topic.
  15. Say every 12 hours of 15 minute down time? Is this a server machine or just your personal computer or somone elses or both. Just turn it off when yoru not using it for a great amout of time. You gotta get some sleep sometime.
  16. Mine gets fragmented, Alot its a 160 gig NTFS external Hardrive. Idont' run anything off of it. I just upload Ghost Images, and anythign i download to it. I usually find it from time to time that it has to move the big ghost images somewhere else. I also think it has to do with a setting. Mine is set to beready to be turned off at any time. I'm gonna gues if it was set different it would fragment but thats my opinion.
  17. Okay. well some people like to judge on the fact of how long a minute is. Some count to 60 some press the button and then press it agian and that was like a minute right? so i just say a reasonable amout of time say 30 were as you will prbably just leave the room and come back later. Were in that senario 1 minute has definately passed. Plus Some memory is wierd and does take longer to discharge.
  18. Okay It does boot when its on the Primary IDE cable. Nothing happens from the Secondary IDE port. And i think it was a no go when both drives were on the same Pri. IDE cable. And the drive has been tested as good because it was used in a nother computer. Hope this helps with keeping others updated
  19. Best advice I can give is Turn your computer off for at least 30 minutes every 24 hours. Thats trully the only way your memory can "discharge" its chips. Post a link to your latest pit test. We might could tune it up alittle who knows.
  20. Well I'm trying desprately to keep up in this exciting Adventure So let me try to get some facts straight. this was a great Idea and im glad he thought of it. That was a no go? And you got yoru floppy back!! yeah All the more it looks like your making progress. I'm guessing by this the second IDE channel is Kaput? Or is this just a driver issue. Good luck.
  21. you said it ran the CD setup when you put the windows 2000 CD in. So just try once agian to reset the boot order for CD and put the CD in the drive and see what happens.
  22. I was browsing the install History for that computer. It hasn't been along time sense the last reformat has it? I noticed an abudance of installed CD/DVD burning Apps. Do you think that might have something to do with it. Maybe another fresh install would fix it.
  23. Sorry lloydy, I'm jumping from topic to topic sometimes its hard to keep up. Okay here what you can do. Go to Start>Control Pannel>System>Hardware Tab>Device Manager Scroll down till you see DVD/CD-ROM Drives. Press the little Cross to make it expand. Right Click on the Device JLMS XJ-HD166S (or somthing simular to that) Hit Uninstall. follow through with whatever Prompts, then if it didnt' prompt you to, you need to go to Start Shutdown, And restart your computer. Then when it comes back up it should automatically re install the DVD drive by itself. Hope this helps
  24. Okay. that is what i was emplying earlier. You have two IDE ports on yoru mobo 1.Primary (Pri ) 2.Secondary(Sec) Usually you plug the HD's into the Primary Slot And the same for the CD's with the Secondary slot. Now if the SEcondary Slot is bad I wanted to check by plugging the CD drive into the Pri. slot which is were your HD should be plugged in at. Hope that clears things up. Although im really good at confusing people.
  25. Alright , as for the floppy question, the cables are different so you can't interchange a floppy and IDE cableing. I was thinking maybe you had a damages port, BUT you said that when you swaped cabling and ports that the HD STILL worked and that the CD drive even when in the place of a working HD showed up as not being able to start. So now im leaning tward maybe a driver/software issue.
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