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  1. Any chance i can have one? pardec02 at yahoo dot com
  2. Sorry SO 13 anti terrorist SO 19 armed police
  3. The incident at the hospital has started again.Its just been on sky news.I just watched about 6 or so police vechiles arrive.Apparently there SO9 and SO13
  4. Asian man 6'2 with blue jumper(with a hole in the back) was seen running away from the scene. Scotland yard confirms armed police are at University college hospital My connection seems ok at the minute
  5. No different news here, i'm sat here watching sky and bbc news. warren st,sheperds bush and the oval tube stations evacuated and a reported explosion on a bus on hackney road. Man was running from the scene and some of the public gave chase. Apparently people heard popping sounds before the commotion,sounds like it was just the detonaters going off
  6. This thread is getting pathetic
  7. Police now clearing victoria station and surrounding area
  8. Where did you get that from? G8 live on TV now
  9. Group linked to al qaeda claims responsability http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30000-1188265,00.html
  10. Army on the streets in covent garden according to sky news
  11. Here you go.Look for good ventilation.Couple of 80mm fans at the front or1x120mm,and 1 or 2 exhaust at the rear http://www.xcase.co.uk/ Should keep you busy for a while
  12. They come pre-installed in the case.Thats if the case you but comes with additional ports(most do) Yes they will all line up. Your looking for an ATX case
  13. Some will be built in and some will more than likely be on you case(usb and audio) You just plug them into your motherboard and the will all be recognised by the time you've installed your motherboard drivers and service packs Edit Are you just going to get 1 200G drive?
  14. Graphics Card http://www.overclock.co.uk/customer/produc...productid=18112 Have a look round for those parts you've chosen,you'll might find them cheaper elsewhere I wouldn't say it would be out of date, but will probably get some of the parts cheaper
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