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  1. So far so good. My shield did turn red in the early morning. Tried to open PC matic and it basically indicated the server was down. Checked it out on another PC and it was the same thing. I guess it is working like it should. I did undo the property settings I did on the exe in the super shield folder. So the main fix for my problem was to open PC matic, click on options, change a setting, click on save.
  2. Okay... I think I finally got it fixed. Super Shield is green, and I can turn real time off and on with no problems. I even rebooted to make sure it correctly came up. The fix was tied to what was mentioned, that PC Matic was unable to see. So what I did was simple. I click on the option button, and changed a setting in scan options. Once I did a setting changed, I click on save. Right after I clicked save, the shield turned green. I'll report back, if it acts up again.
  3. Went into the Super Shield folder. Brought up properties on: PCMaticRT.exe pcmaticrt-wsc.exe PCPitstopRTService.exe SuperShieldProcessHooker32.exe SuperShieldProcessHooker64.exe And clicked on run as adminstrator. Thought it could be permissions issue for the reason why I tried. Now the MS action center is warning me about no protection. And Super Shield came up saying not licensed.
  4. I left my PC on after installing the other InfoCenter. When I woke the PC up, InfoCenter told me to download Super shield, and said it was not installed? That was... weird. Okay on to what you asked: Downloaded the files which was 101mb. Placed them in the datrtp folder. Rebooted... logged into Windows 7. And nothing came up. I brought up my Windows 10, and it didn't take log for Super Shield to come up correctly on it. Logged off my Windows 7, then back on. 5 mins later nothing appears on the task bar. Brought up PC matic, and logged in. Click on Super shield, and the button shows protected. I bring up services, and PC Pitstop Realtime has not started, but the scheduler has started. Went back to PC matic Super Shield, and click on disabled, then back to enable... says started, and nothing happens. Clicked back on started.. and nothing happens, it's like the button locked up. Clicked on the X to close it.. then open it again, the button says enable. Just before I was going to click on it, it changed to disable, meaning it thinks it started. I go back to services, and it still didn't start. I manually start the Realtime service. It starts.. then stops. It's almost like something isn't talking to the other. 8 /
  5. The pc matic installation that did not install correctly was my windows 7 64bit system, that I installed what I thought was the trial version. To be clear... what I thought was the trial, was the free download: pcmatic-setup-1067.exe That was uninstalled, then when I purchased the evergreen, the name of the exe was: pcmatic-setup-0000.exe All my login info is correct on PC matic. It installed correctly on 3 of my other machines with the same login, as well as telling me 4 of my 5 licenses are used. I uninstalled Infocenter, which was the, and installed I rebooted after I uninstalled infocenter, installed the other, and rebooted. Thing is.. nothing came up after reboot. Opened PC matric, logged off, then back on, still nothing. Then I click on Super shield, disabled and enable... boom red shield comes up, says I'm unlicensed. So I logged out of PC matic, rebooted, after boot logged in PC matic, and again its still red, pop up saying I'm unlicensed. Checked all my services by double clicking on them, all started execpt the PC Pitstop Realtime.
  6. Hello, I'm new to this forum, and ran into a problem. I already have a ticket open, and it has been a few days not hearing anything back when I replied, so I found this place googling. To start off, before buying the evergreen package, I installed what I thought was a trial version. I did the free scan, and thought I had 30 days using the features on it. When I found the shortcut for super shield, I tried to start it, and it finally came up saying.. "you need to buy the full version" So.. I uninstalled it. After a few weeks looking around I decided to go all in for PC Matic, since I have more the one PC that need protection. When I did the installation, I noticed it was basically the same thing I installed the first time, then began to understand after logging in how the licensing worked. So I did 4 installations, 2 on windows 10, and 2 on windows 7. All of them installed properly except the one I installed the first time, which is a windows 7 system (64bit). When I got the email, I did what was asked: ------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Please go to Start>Programs>PC Pitstop>PC Matic and click on 'uninstall SuperShield'. 2) Close all open windows, then open PC Matic again and click on the "Not Protected" icon to reinstall SuperShield. Wait five or more minutes for SuperShield to download a new set of definitions. The icon should change to "Protected" with a message that SuperShield is running once the download completes. If this does not resolve the problem, another possible source of issues would be if the Windows services have been altered from the default configuration. The following services need to be running and set to start automatically: PCPitstop Realtime -- only after SuperShield is successfully installed Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator Server Workstation TCP/IP NETBios You can go to Start>Run and type services.msc then hit the Enter key. From the Services window that opens, scroll down to each of the listed Services and double-click on the entry to open the properties sheet. Use the drop down menu to change the service to Automatic, then click on the button to start the service. Be sure to click on the Apply button after making the changes and before closing the Services window. Please verify that each if the services is started and set to automatic, then try installing SuperShield again and let us know if the issue is not resolved. ------------------------------------------------------------------- I had one service on manual (RPC) and changed it back to auto. And that did not fix it. The main thing Super Sheld informed me, what I was unlicensed. And continued to tell me to reboot after getting a new license. I check some of the older post, and found other things to try, which was installing and older super shield, also tried changing the dat files from another post, and basically did allot of uninstalling and reinstalling. So after reinstalling everything, every time I boot up, I get the error InfoCenter has stopped working. And this would be the problem details: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: Stopped working Problem signature: Problem Event Name: CLR20r3 Problem Signature 01: infocenter.exe Problem Signature 02: Problem Signature 03: 52bc7977 Problem Signature 04: mscorlib Problem Signature 05: Problem Signature 06: 58e46509 Problem Signature 07: 345a Problem Signature 08: 15a Problem Signature 09: System.UnauthorizedAccess OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Where it says UnautherorizedAccess, makes me wonder if that is why my Super Shield doesn't work? Thanks for taking time reading this, and I hope someone may have the answer for me.
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