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  1. In the scan options, what is the rated band width for? Which one do I use? I hope that I am in the right area for this question to be answered. Thank you . Ron
  2. Vista keeps telling me that it's firewall and malware is disabled. I enable it but after a scan it is disabled. Is this a vista "thing"? My windows 10 unit does not do this. My vista unit is a satellite M305-S4819 running vista home premium. Pcmatic found and removed 4 virus's that norton business, avg, or avast never found. Is more info required? Some posts that I have read say more info would be helpful. If so what should I give? Thank you G-pa
  3. Thank you, Y kawika. Do you have any thoughts on the so called, "free downloads"? I will presume that you are familiar with the scans wording. it suggests that due to vista being outdated , I could /may /will have security issues. I am trusting PCmatic will keep things under control. Thank you again. Merry Christmas. G-pa.
  4. The scan result said that I should upgrade from Vista Home Premium to windows 7. How do I do this?
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