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  1. Hello again. I have found a program that was adequate enough for my purposes. It is Steve Gould's "Windows Clean Up". It was sufficient enough for my purpose. I gave my computer to a lifelong friend whom I trust. If I was selling or giving my computer to any other person I would have wiped the hard drives. I would suggest "Clean Up" to all of you, it has many settings for the amount that you you wish to clean your computer. I have been using it for about five years and it has worked wonderfully for me in keeping my computer in good working condition. Try it, I'm sure that you will be satisfied in it's performance. Thank you all for your recommendations, it was appreciated.
  2. Hi. I really did not want to go to all of the work to "Wipe" my PC. I was hoping that there was some sort of appreciation that I was not aware of to clean the computer. But, if it is necessary to wipe it, I am able to do it. Your response is appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Hello to all of you good people. I have an old PC that I want to give to a friend. I want to clean it up w/o wiping the computer. What application will do this but still leave me with a usable computer? Thank you.
  4. Well enough then. I just read the thread. It is hard to tell with some people whether they are serious or not. No offense taken and you have my sincere apologies. btw, I am not one to report. Not my style. btw, even though i have been at the Pit for 6 years, things and people have changed, so I don't know the people, as many are new to me. I am laid up due to a surgery, and it gives me something to do. I'm going crazy!!!!
  5. You are right KD. The English sure are touchy about their sports. Your also right about trying to nip this in the bud. I have seen films of the riots that occur when they have matches. In fact it is probably more dangerous in the stands than it is playing. One thing though, I believe that anyone that weighs 300# and can run a 4.6 100, hits you, you would want to have some type of protection. An American's Football player's average career is 4 yrs. Their life span is shortened by 20 years (on average). Those are terrible injuries that were posted and I could show some fairly graphic injuries in American Football also (Joe Theisman's hit by Lawrence Taylor for one). Football has changed dramatically over the last fifty years though, things began to be more specialized, for example I can remember the first time I saw a soccer style kicker in football. When I played in High School, we played both offense and defense. I have played in games where I never left the field. Since I have played both soccer and football, I must say that a soccer player has more stamina but there is absolutely no comparison as to which is more physical. I have only personally experienced two rougher sports than football, that would be boxing and hockey. Now I am only speaking of sports in which I participated in. Since I have never played organized Rugby, I can not and will not comment on it. Though a good friend of mine who is a avid and I guess is fairly good at Rugby (he has played all over the world in tournaments) tells me there is no comparison in the physicality between American Football and Rugby. He tells me Rugby is much rougher. The only thing I can tell you is "don't knock it until you've tried it." When you think about it seriously though, it is rather funny to how quickly and ardently one supports his sport. Just who is more macho? I always thought that if I ever had a son, I would set up Goal Post in the backyard and show him how to be a Kicker. Best job in the world ,big pay,very little risk.
  6. Not knowing a thing about Soccer or Football as you call it. Please explain what you are saying. I know that we both speak the same language (well sort of) but I do not understand a word you guys are talking about. How much does a good Soccer (Footballer) make ? Soccer has just recently started to become big in the States. I guess that parents don't want to see their children get hurt or something. Soccer to me is like watching golf or a chess match. There is simply no excitement. I don't mean to offend anyone, I just don't see the attraction of Soccer. The Soccer "superstar" that came over here to the States (the one married to one of the Spice Girls) didn't seem to make it over here. I remember being forced to play way back in High School and we were bored to death. The games always took the form of a sort of Rugby, it was the only way that we could play. Of course we all got failing grades during the Soccer matches that we were forced to play. I know I'm going to catch hell here from my British friends (sorry Sir T & others) but Soccer is boring.
  7. "Narrow Minded'' This animal was a known pedophile! If you would know the damage that that can have on a person maybe you would not be so naive. What I do "understand" is that no more lives will be ruined.
  8. From what I have been reading and watching on TV, it appears that Jackson was not as well liked as what is being reported. I can remember very clearly the deaths of Elvis (whom I was not a big fan of but I did see his obvious talent) and John Lennon (where I have not seen mourning of its like since J.F.K.). Jackson was never told no and I am sorry but even if he himself was abused, it is not an excuse for him to continue. His bizarre behavior foretold his end, such as his constant plastic surgery and his skin bleaching. I feel no pity for a man who was able to reach such heights (in some respect) and throw it all away. I have trouble with people that compare him to the likes of Hendrix,Morrison,Joplin and the many others whose star extinguished so young. This freak does not deserve the attention that he is receiving. I feel for the unknown amount of kids that he abused and then bought his way out of trouble, they are the ones that will truly remember him for the rest of their lives. He treated innocent children like whores and these children's parents need to have their kids taken from them for taking money to keep quiet instead of putting this heathen in jail where he could receive what he was so willing to give, sexual abuse.
  9. Michael Jackson was no musical genius. An example of musical genius's ......The Beatles,Mozart, Beethoven etc. Michael Jackson was a pedophile and the world is better of without his likes. He could dance well though.
  10. Thank you for your sound advice . I shall look into them and apply the ones I am comfortable with. Again, thank you! "Peace"
  11. Sorry for my vagueness. C.C. is called Crap Cleaner it is an app. that cleans up your registry,cookies & temp. files. As I have already stated, Vista is new to me and I like to keep my computer (laptop) operating as well as possible. In the past (O.S.'s) I always used the following applications; Spyblaster,AdAware,Spybot S&D & Steve Gould's Windows Clean-up. I would like your advice on what are the best applications to keep my computer clean and operating as well as possible. I believe the people at this forum are among st the best so if you would be so kind as to give me your advice on the best applications to run with Vista, I would be grateful. Note: In the past I used AVG as my anti-virus, I am now provided with McAfee from my I.P. I noticed when running McAfee that AdAware and Spybot never seem to find anything any longer (yes I kept them updated), so I guess this is the main reason for this Post. I simply would like to know what you advise me to use. I do realize that you have probably been asked this before and I did search prior to this Post but didn't really get the answer to my specific question. Sorry to bother you. I simply want to keep my equipment working as well as I possibly can. Thank you, for your time & your willingness to share your knowledge. "Peace"
  12. Hello. I am new to Vista and would like to know what applications i.e.; Ad Aware, Spybot S&D etc, would be good "Freeware" to use. My I.P. supplies McAfee as a anti-virus. I currently only have "C.C." but I would appreciate any other advice in what else would be prudent to use. Are programs like Ad Aware, Spybot still as helpful as they were with older O.S.'s? Thank you for your time and expertise, it is appreciated. "Peace"
  13. Kenny Wayne Shepherd ----- Ledbetter Heights good blues
  14. The Beatles.........."Love" George and Giles Martin are genius.
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