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  1. Maybe you've disabled the Task Scheduler service?? You can enable/start it again with "services.msc" MSC applet. Yeah, that's "Layout.ini" file to be precise ... hth, moocher
  2. Yeah I acompletely agree; "sleep" or "stand-by" (or sometimes called "suspend") is a much better option. In fact too don't like the "hibernate" function; mostly because it just doesn't seem to work in my case (on my computer and its particlar setup/configuration), i.e. on resuming, which is usually the next day, everything first looks normal; namely that "indicator" goes to the last step, but then it just stops, and a manual reset is required. But also I am thinking in particular about writing the contents of RAM to a hard drive, i.e. there is no such writing (in such a big "chunk") inv
  3. ... oh yes but it does do it (confirmed) !! moocher
  4. ... yeah, and I also set the Widnows to use "Classic logon" with gpedit.msc applet, and btw., additionally to that what you've mentioned (i.e. additionally to /noguiboot parameter) I also add the /bootlogo parameter into the "boot.ini" file (and with 640 x 480 Boot.bmp picture in D:\WINDOWS folder), so therefore my logon times are as short as possible !! cheers, moocher
  5. Well, this is one is one of those myths that just don't want to die: please listen everybody, this information is completely FALSE, and doing so will result in decreased PC's performance !! In fact, I urge anyone who might want to, to check out and read the "PREFETCH-FOLDER CLEANING MYTH" entry on my site's http://tadej-ivan.50webs.com/articles.html page of my home-site, with various related articles links in case if you don't believe me. One of such sources is Ed Bott's "Windows Expertise: One more time: do not clean out your Prefetch folder!" article: http://www.edbott.com/weblog/arch
  6. I just thought to let you know about this awesome Firefox trick related to animated GIFs (.gif format of file); you see, the thing is that one just needs to hit the Escape button to stop these GIFs animating (btw. I've just found out that it works in Internet Explorer too); I think that it works only on the current page/tab that one is on (i.e. the one with focus), and not on the whole window (or even the whole Firefox instance, i.e. all tabs + all windows or in other words for the one particular "firefox.exe" process) If you want to, check out the related Firefox. Arrrgh! Why! FFS thre
  7. moocher


    ... why do you recommend to "delete the cache weekly" if I may ask ?? P.S. -- And btw., all the "tweaks" that you've listed didn't speed-up anything, at least not on my machine (dial-up connection) moocher
  8. Yeah that's true. I agree that the .reg files are handy to restore separate changes made (and for importing/exporting programs' configuration settings too), however, for a full registry backup I rather recommend everybody to check out the free and non-setup Erunt program (it has an in-built "restore" option too), while I especially like its sub-program Autoback (a CLI program), contained in the same .zip archive as Erunt. It's very handy to set it to backup registry on/after boots, i.e. I've put it to All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\ directory, so that it backups registry nomather with w
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