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  1. Need some advice. Installed PC Matic and SuperShield on a desktop running Win10 and all went well. Couldn't be happier. Installed same on a Lenovo laptop running Win7-64 and things went wrong early. The first issue is that the installer did not remove Norton Antivirus the way it had done on my desktop. I manually uninstalled NAV. I was able to run a PC Matic scan, but there was no SuperShield icon in the system tray despite the fact that PC Matic said SuperShield was installed. I uninstalled PC Matic and SuperShield, rebooted, and re-installed PC Matic and SuperShield. The green shield then appeared in the system tray and I thought I was out of the woods, but after a few minutes the shield turned red and the Action Center informed me I had no antivirus protection. It told me to turn on SuperShield, so I tried. And I tried, and I tried. Could not turn it on. Rebooted and it stayed turned off.
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