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  1. Thank you for the quick response. The Device Manager did not have an errors so my friend proceeded to go thru your outlined procedure but still had problems which I will paste from my friends email: ---- In summay it appears the problem is very complicated with the H-P issue with Sun Micro. If anyone still thinks there is a fix for the problem please let me know otherwise we have no choice but to give up. John
  2. I am trying to help a friend who upgraded from Win2000 to XP Pro. After the upgrade the computer won't talk to the HP G85 DeskJet All-in-one printer. He has downloaded the latest drive but still does not work. HP will not help because the printer is discontinued. It is likely the best route is to trash the printer and get a new one, but I though maybe someone has an easy fix for this problem. :help:
  3. aeroman, your suggestions worked. Nether HTML nor "Send Pictures" were not selected. My thanks to you.
  4. Sometimes when I sent embedded photos they are blank when received by the recipents. Now all photos are removed however. I have tested my system by sending different photos to myself trying to determine if my system is guilty. Makes no sense to me. Can anyone help?
  5. I once has AOL IM and learned it was spyware. Now that I have been using MSN Messenger for several years I learn from my ISP, Comcast.net, that it is a KEY conduit for popups to work through. I continue to use it because it is a great thing to have to stay in contact with my friends and relatives. Well, last night I discovered there is a sister to MSN Messenger, its Windows Messenger, and looks exactly the same. I attempted to use the remote assistant packaged with Windows XP and it needs the Windows Messenger version, that's how it learned of the sister version. My question to you a
  6. Berenice, regarding the 56k modem look for an ISP that offers V.44/V.92 dialup modems on the ISP side. Locally I can get a new modem for about $10 that supports these protocols. The V.44 provides compression of the data between the to modems up to 6x. Not all data gets compressed but the end result many times is a 4x speed increase for most links, effectively making your dialup speed in the 200 kbs range. In the Dallas area we have ISPs that offer the V.92 for a slight increase but there are also some ISPs less than $10 with V.92 support if you search them out. One last thing Berenic
  7. you can go to http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/store...6515337-9581651 This site has Norton SystemWorks 2003 Professional Edition System works under $12. Although it is under a used listing it is really new software for a very good price. SystemWorks contains some of the best disk and windows utilities on the market including Norton Antivirus for a bonus.
  8. I am not sure based on your information but it seems you are using hotmail, MS Outlook Express and MS Outlook. Therein is likely your problem. Outlook has a calendar so if you need a scheduler and the use of the reminders in it I prefer Outlook will work fine. Oh, Outlook will allow you to use Word as the editor thus would be better if you do lots of documents and need the sofistication Word provides. In my opinion Hotmail is useful if you travel alot and need to access your personal mail from any computer. Outlook Express is my favorite, it's basic but good with lots of features.
  9. Bluesman, thank you, thank you. It worked! I removed the hub using the Device Manager and rebooted allowing XP to reinstall the hub system. I rebooted again and installed using the Lexmark installation disk and walla, it works!! Thanks to you and the PcPitstop User Form. John
  10. I have completely removed the old setup using the Lexmark uninstall software. I keep looking for a printer in the Device Manager following the install and they isn't one, beside the fact that it cannot communicate with the printer. Thanks for the input.
  11. My guess is that the X73 driver is the same but don't know for sure. I have installed, uninstalled and reinstalled using exactly the procedure called out by Lexmark installation disk. Also I have gone into the BIOS setup and checked to see if something was set improperly on the USB buss but did not find anything strange. Sorry about the hillbilly statement. Actually I know some of the Lexmark folks from my working days and they are the best. Just frustrated.
  12. I have uninstalled the X83 completely and confirmed it is not there. The installation process has been done 6 or 7 times (uninstalling each time) using the Lexmark X83 installation disk and a few time using the downloaded installation software (zipped files). Each installation fails and a test print activates the voice response "Trouble communicating with the printer". I have tried uninstalling and installing using the XP hardware installation procedure with every option I can without success. The printer was working prior to the XP reinstallation so I don't suspect it. I have dou
  13. When it works it is okay but...... My Win XP does not like the Lexmark X83 driver because it is not digitally signed, I suspose. What was those hillbillies in Lexington Ky thinking when they put this installationi software together? I disconnect and connect the USB cable as requested in the procedure but my PC still cannot find the printer. I have downloaded the lastest version from the Lexmark site but get the same results. Can anyone help me with this? It's been working ok for about one year but this latest situation came about after I attempted to "system restore" from a few
  14. Is there on of the Napster look-a-like programs running in the background? Some of those don't close when they are closed and continue to run in the tray.
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