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  1. I was wondering if PC Matic has a feature where instead of having to do a full scan, you can just scan a specific file or folder?
  2. Hello, I recently reinstalled the PC Matic software on my PC after doing a reinstall of the OS, and all of a sudden, I notice that the ad blocker extension is no longer in my browser. I checked the extensions just to make sure it wasn't just disabled and there was nothing there. I tried reinstalling the software multiple times, still nothing.
  3. Hello, Just an update on what's happening with this. Netflix now seems to be working correctly even with SuperShield on.
  4. So I found out something weird about this problem. If I temporarily disable SuperShield for say 10 minutes and open the Netflix app, I am able to use it fine. Then after those 10 minutes and the Super Shield re-enables itself, Netflix still works and doesn't crash if I still have it open. But once I close it and try to re-open the app, it crashes.
  5. I am not using an insider build of Windows. I am using the latest version that is available from Microsoft. And the app will open and work correctly if I disable SuperShield. Y kawika said I can go to the Netflix website and bypass the app? How do I do that?
  6. I tried this but I don't get any pop-ups or options to allow the program. The app just closes.
  7. Hello Sorry if I posted this in the wrong category. But I recently installed and scanned my computer using the SuperShield option from PCMatic. It all went well except when it was doing the scan, it must've thought the Netflix app on my computer was a malicious software. I reinstalled Netflix just in case there were any corrupted files that were causing it to do this. I still had the same problem. It causes the app to simply close right away every time I attempt to open it. And it doesn't give me any notification saying that it stopped a program that was potentially malicious. So i
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