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  1. For the likes of me, I cannot figure out what all the hoopla is about with windows7. I was one of Microsoft's beta testers for windows7 and was not impressed with it. In fact, I found lots of problems with it and the operating system reminded me constantly that it was Vista with a new name and a new face. I'll stay with XP. It has no problems to speak of and is secure. I read yesterday that Microsoft released 10 major updates for Windows7 due to some major flaws that caused it to crash. Imagine that... Furthermore, why would I want to change from a dependable operating system t
  2. I'll just quit posting. This place sucks anyhow.
  3. But if the manufacturers are going to offer computers with 4gb as max, then those computers ought to be able to show they're using the entire 4gb of memory...not 2 or 3gb. I still say it is about money. Since the 32bit operating system is limited to 4gb max, then why won't it say it is using the entire 4gb? Someone is lying again. I still say it is all about money.
  4. http://thevistaforums.com/index.php?showto...mp;#entry147393
  5. I've used Linux on other computers and was not real fond of it. Vista would not have been so bad if Microsoft had not readjusted the way folders are located in windows explorer and if Microsoft had merely added some features instead of changing the way commands are located and adjusted. Example being display properties on desktop. Xp's display properties let the user adjust more than just the fonts. And finding those other display tabs in Vista made it very user unfriendly, in my opinion. Backward compatible with XP would have been nice too. Power...Hmmm...Microsoft, Intel, Del
  6. I, too, think Microsoft screwed up by trying to replace XP with Vista. To me, Vista is and always will be another Windows-Me. I had Vista for 3-4 months and absolutely hated it so I went back to XP-Pro. I have clients and friends that asked me several months ago which operating system I recommended and my choice at that time and at this time is still Windows XP. I continue to hear praise from my clients for making a wise choice since they've experienced Vista on a limited basis through some of their friends and they've told me that Vista really does suk!! Personally speaking, I r
  7. Microsoft To Extend Windows XP Sales As Vista Concerns Mount The software company said it will make the full version of Windows XP available to PC manufacturers and retailers through June 30, 2008. By Paul McDougall InformationWeek September 28, 2007 11:20 AM Responding to some customers' lukewarm embrace of Windows Vista, Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) said it will extend by several months availability of the operating system's predecessor, Windows XP. The company said it will make the full version of Windows XP available to PC manufacturers and retailers through June 30, 2
  8. Protect yourself from silent Windows updates By Scott Dunn Microsoft has confirmed Windows Secrets' Sept. 13 story that Windows Update periodically installs certain files even if you've selected a "do not install" option. Many companies and individuals require prior notification before any files are changed, so I explain today how you can completely prevent silent installs, if you wish. In my Sept. 13 article, I reported that Windows Update (WU) has been silently installing nine small executable files on Windows XP and Vista, despite the fact that users had disable
  9. I think everyone has missed the point here. To me the main issue is not about the operating system but about security. If Microsoft can do this to Windows, then what or who will prevent terrorists, hackers, and other unmentioned scumbags from invading our systems without our consent and perhaps without our knowledge? If scumbags can access Windows in this manner, has anyone else checked their linux or other operating systems? Is nothing safe anymore? Doesn't ownership of a computer and assumed ownership of your copy of windows give you the right to restrict software manufacturers, te
  10. http://windowssecrets.com/2007/09/13/01-Mi...t-users-consent I am subscribed to a tech newsletter called Windows Secrets and the info below is questionable as far as being legal, in my opinion. If Microsoft is allowed to continue performing stealth updates without the users/owners knowledge and/or consent, then what will prevent hackers & terrorists from using this as well? Microsoft updates Windows without users' consent By Scott Dunn Microsoft has begun patching files on Windows XP and Vista without users' knowledge, even when the users have turned off auto-update
  11. When I first ordered my system with Pentium D, Dell's site said that my system could handle 4gb ram maximum. I ordered 2gb ram and the operating system was Vista Home Edition. Vista had some ram issues, so I was led to believe, that allowed the motherboard to supposedly consume ram. What I mean is...if the system had 4gb which is the maximum then Vista would consume 1/2 to 1 full gb of ram since Vista was a power-hungry, resource-robbing system. I could relate to that but didn't understand when only 2gb ram was in the system and it would show the entire 2gb. That does not make sense. Why
  12. I don't know why anyone would want such a horrible operating system such as Vista. I've got it and hate it. I'm going back to xp-pro where I have more control and will be able to permanently delete info since vista home premium does not allow that to happen. To me, the onset of Vista took everyone back to the stone ages. What a JOKE!!!
  13. HJT may not be the best solution. I recommend opening the startup utility first and viewing which programs are activated to run upon boot. Click start then run then type "msconfig" without the quotes and then click ok. When the configuration window opens, locate and click on the tab called Startup. Every program that has a checkmark in the box next to it...runs upon boot is completed. Now, surf to the website called http://sysinfo.org and then click on "Full Startup List". This list will then let you perform searches based upon the startup utility. Now, go back to the startup utility an
  14. People still use Ad-Aware? I can't believe it. I've got several friends that were using the free and the paid version of AdAware and their systems were acting really strange. Since I'm in the computer repair business, I looked at their systems for free since they're my best friends. I updated their adaware first then configured them to scan as deeply as possible and their scans showed nothing but webtracks. I then installed my trusty Spybot and found many spyware trojans. Upon removal of them, their systems began working correctly again. They no longer use adaware. I've had other clien
  15. If I had my choice of using winxp or win98se, I'd definitely use win98se. I've had winxp-pro sp1 for almost a year and it has crashed 15 times. I've had nothing but problems with it. I had win98se for 4 years and not one time did it crash. Xp sucks!
  16. Since you're using winxp, you have to manually repair internet explorer via the registry. I had the same problem that you had repairing the internet explorer did not fix it. I fixed the problem by using the winxp-cd and using repair windows also known as upgrading windows. Do not do a full install as this will format and repartition your hard drive. You must have your winxp cd to do this and you'll also need your registration numbers as well since it will be asking for them.
  17. I repaired using my windows xp cd. Go here for more info: http://www.microsoft.com/WindowsXP/expertz...knox/doug92.asp Upon reading the info from microsoft, I had problems booting to my cd altho it was shown that it was enabled to boot from the cd. To sidestep that problem, while the computer was turned on, I inserted the cd and as soon as it opened onscreen, I clicked on "install windows" and then on the next page, I told it to do a windows upgrade and then followed the directions to which it then restarted and rebooted to the cd finally. This repair took me about 45 minutes to com
  18. To all those concerned: I fixed the problem. I don't know what the problem was nor do I know what software or hardware was at fault but I can tell you that in order to fix the problem, even the problem of the new F: drive, you must do a windows repair/windows upgrade. Before repairing/reinstalling, remember to backup any and all files, folders, documents, settings, etc. I am now able to complete the tests entirely without problems.
  19. The same thing about F: drive happened to me. It just suddenly appeared. It has dell files in it and nothing else. My system's restore feature was seeminly disabled too or so I thought but when I checked the setttings, I found that my system restore settings were still enabled instead of disabled and altho my system's restore was enabled, I was not able to restore to any earlier dates. I do remember this weekend that a friend of mine came over and without my permission, he downloaded the new Napster program onto my system and as soon as I noticed my system was rebooting, I also notic
  20. I am running windows xp-pro sp1 and also running msie version 6.0.2800.1106.xpsp2.030422-1633. I also ran all the tests at http://www.browsertune.com/bt2kfast/ and was able to not only complete all these tests but passed all of them without problems. Not once did my browser crash. I also repaired my internet explorer via instructions per http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;318378 I downloaded adaware and ran it and found no spyware on my system. Other than repairing internet explorer and then downloading msie6 again, there are no other windows updates available to me
  21. I'm not running any software firewall but am running a linksys befsr-41 router with nat. I've never had any problems completing the test till now. I've not installed any new software nor have I removed/deleted any as well. I am running McAfee antivirus and McAfee Spamkiller but never had any problems with either or both of them. According to my toolbar, I am running only my sound program, my clock, spamkiller, and antivirus. I have more than enough ram to allow lots of programs to be running in the background..I have 1.25GB of pc1066 R-dram as well as 128mb in my radeon video card. My an
  22. I've used the debugging tool and repeatedly turned off the disk checking tool but everytime I attempt to use any of the tests, I get an error that says MSIE has encountered an error and will close. The error signature is as follows: AppName: iexplore.exe AppVer: 6.0.2800.1106 ModName: pcpits~1.dll ModVer: Offset: 00005b1d I've tried to turn off all the other tests during the debugging yet I still encounter this error. I've completed chkdsk /f and found no errors. I've run sfc /scannow and found nothing wrong. I've emptied my internet cache each time I've attempted t
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