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  1. Is this problem a windows developer issue covered in this thread:
  2. I stand corrected. When I restarted my computer this morning, windows thinks PCmatic's antivirus and antispyware are not running and its creating alerts. I have manually turned off Windows defender. Why does Win7 think I don't have any services through your software? Other than installing supershield each time to be recognized, is there another way?
  3. I just noticed I may be in the wrong section. If so, moderators please move this thread. sorry about that.
  4. Hi guys, I am new to this product and have installed it on 4 of my computers. I can not understand why windows does not recognize PC MaTic as my antivirus, malware, and spyware protection. Windows 7 sees the program is installed but says its off line or must be manually turned on. Windows 7 has activated windows defender since it is not recognizing pcmatic or super shield. The PC Matic program appears to be working fine. What gives? Thanks for the help everyone.
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