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  1. Thanks for the reply! I actually just did a reset of my network settings on my PC and it fixed it.
  2. Hello, I have a network of about 15 computers, all in the same workgroup. I can see all of them except I can't map a network drive from 1 of them to a specific one, of course it's the only one that I need. It has worked before, the network settings are the same, sharing is the same. I even tried putting them all in a Homegroup and I still have the same problems with these 2 specific computers. More details below: I need to map a drive from computer "A" to computer "B". When mapping from A to B I cannot even see computer B listed in the network. When I'm on computer B I can see computer A in the network but if I try to map a drive or click on it in the network I'm asked for a username and password. That PC doesn't have a password setup and none of my other connections have that requirement when I connect to them, just this one. Hopefully that makes sense. These problems just popped up recently. We had a few issues on the network of not seeing certain computers but that has since worked out since I made them all part of the same work group. Thanks! Andy i7-5930k 64GB RAM Samsung NVMe 950 SSD Samsung 840 EVO 750GB SSD 2 x Crucial 1 TB SSD AMD FirePro W9100 W10 Pro
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