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  1. I just ran a Full Scan and now I can not reboot. It won't accept any click of my Bottom Bar Icons. When I go into PCMatic to look for Technical Support it never gets to where I input what I need help with. It just asks if I am a PCMatic Home Customer. Any help would be Great..
  2. Y, In still have not gotten any responses from PCMatic Support. I have even emailed them directly at [email protected] with no reply. Very frustrated with all the problems I am having with the Program. I schedule events and they NEVER happen. I can't read some reports, scan on my Son's computer takes forever. I bought it because I wanted to support a USA Company but frankly I am about ready to can this. I am not computer illiterate as I once (although it's been a while) worked in I.T....
  3. OK, just had something very weird happen to my new Computer. My main screen shrunk and moved to the right of my Laptop screen so I could not get to close any of the 4 Windows that I had open. My Mouse started jumping around all over the place. I scanned but when it was down I couldn't close the PcMatic Window. There was no X (close) icon. I rescanned and the same thing happened. It was almost like someone did a remote access to my computer. I shut down and restarted and did another scan and it was OK.
  4. Y, thanks again for the reply. Everything looks fine with the settings and filters. I have not received anything from Tech Support. The computer in question is Angelos, although yesterday my new Laptop is running extremely slow. I scanned 3 times since then and it still runs slow especially on streaming video content.
  5. Y kawika. It's my Son's Computer. When I do a scan it takes more than 2 1/2 hrs. and that's without the Disk Check. With the check up to 6 hrs.
  6. I had [email protected] in my contacts and I check my Junk mail every time I log into Mail. I just added the pcpitstopcs3 to my contacts so we'll see if that works. Thanks for your input. I really appreciate it.
  7. I have submitted Tickets almost every day for the last 2 weeks on an issue that I am having with one of the Computers on my Plan yet I have not gotten a reply back from Tech Support. How do you get help with an issue if they won't respond to my Tickets?
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