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  1. The way I like to look at gaming gadgets might be quite different from your expectations, @davidmeyer. I hardly look at the price point unless, of course, I know what I want to get out of a tablet. Of course, there are list of tablets under $100 bucks written by new as well as serial bloggers looking to make a buck, and the link I just provided is a good example of one. But the problem is, a tablet for cheap isn't something you can always trust. According to this article by Entrepreneur, the author suggest that you should look for a tablet that meets your needs. You case is gaming, I assume. So you aren't just going to the market to look for a gaming tablet that costs a hundred bucks or less. You should buy something that will be of good help to you. Here is a breakdown to what I think makes a good gaming tablet. My thoughts may be subjective, but it helps. 1. RAM must be good. I prefer something above 1 GB, but 1 GB should work just fine. 2. The quality of graphics matter a lot, and not to forget the resolution. I am for everything to do with high definition display with crisp text, color, and graphics. 3. Number of game apps you want to install determine the storage capacity. A tablet with an expandable memory will do. But please don't go for the 16 GB crap. I hope this helps you, and other folks with a similar problem like yours.
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