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  1. Hi, I'm 'evergreen' and recently reading news about undetectable malware ( https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/11/newly-discovered-titanium-backdoor-employs-clever-ways-to-go-undetected/ ). Got me to wondering if SuperShield could effectively counter this and/or if additional research & development was being focused on this kind of nasty. Thoughts and comments?
  2. Noted your very fine result at an independent testing lab.. ..
  3. Yes, I am and glad to be here. I'm testing out PC Matic Home Security - and am having some minor difficulties. I seem unable to locate instructions, instruction video, etc for this product (though I have been able to located same for 'paid' products). Thanks for the welcome.
  4. After submitting my information, the validation email arrived in seconds. Since I use gmail, I tabbed over and clicked on the validation link - unclear if it worked. For some reason my email populated part of the login - and, as I figured out later, this was wrong. So I attempted to validate with the alternative procedure - and again I could not determine if successful. When I tried to login again, my email again populated the login - and failed. I finally decided that the login user was my forum ID and that worked. Not sure why Chrome populated the login with email instead of leaving user blank. Rather frustrating. Might be a similar experience for others.
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