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  1. Hi, I'm 'evergreen' and recently reading news about undetectable malware ( https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/11/newly-discovered-titanium-backdoor-employs-clever-ways-to-go-undetected/ ). Got me to wondering if SuperShield could effectively counter this and/or if additional research & development was being focused on this kind of nasty. Thoughts and comments?
  2. Noted your very fine result at an independent testing lab.. ..
  3. Yes, I am and glad to be here. I'm testing out PC Matic Home Security - and am having some minor difficulties. I seem unable to locate instructions, instruction video, etc for this product (though I have been able to located same for 'paid' products). Thanks for the welcome.
  4. After submitting my information, the validation email arrived in seconds. Since I use gmail, I tabbed over and clicked on the validation link - unclear if it worked. For some reason my email populated part of the login - and, as I figured out later, this was wrong. So I attempted to validate with the alternative procedure - and again I could not determine if successful. When I tried to login again, my email again populated the login - and failed. I finally decided that the login user was my forum ID and that worked. Not sure why Chrome populated the login with email instead of leaving user
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