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    1gb HD, 6gb DDR3, intel i3 3320 @3.30 ghz, win 10 64bit, GTX 1050 GC

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  1. thank you all, changing the mac address worked and i am posting this at 10:38 pm.
  2. 1)yes my dad's computer and my mom's computers are directly attached to the same router and work perfectly fine 2)when I set the time past 8 pm, when its actually earlier the internet still works fine 3)the LAN light stays on after 8, but unplugging the Ethernet cable after 8:00pm makes the light not turn on again after plugging it back in. I got the LAN light back on after unplugging and then plugging it back into the computer, and then unplugging and plugging it back into the wall, but still no internet
  3. My PC stops getting internet connection at 8:00 pm every day, i asked my dad if he put a parental control on my internet to shut off at a certain time and even called the service provider for help and they said they can't help me after a diagnosis because its a problem in my computer. i've checked countless forums and haven't found anything like this. when i try to look something up it says my connection timed out. I also checked something that showed the connection going out right after it gets to my computer. The connection before 8 is completely fine though. I don't know if this is unrelated but, sometimes the computer doesn't recognize the LAN cable in the port, and doesn't light up, but after unplugging from both sides and plugging back in multiple times it works. please help
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