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  1. Hello! This is happening on a Desktop. The game is Toukiden 2 (Has a settings launcher show up first, and when the game actually tries to load is when the firewall stops it.) I tried opening the game, and when it failed (While keeping the firewall up) I uploaded the log and it said that it uploaded successfully! Thank you for your help!
  2. Greetings, so I bought a game on the STEAM gaming application, and this usually doesn't happen to any other games except for this one. I want to add it to the whitelist, but I do not get a prompt, even when I put it in "Prompt For Override." I've also run a PC Matic scan, but either PC Matic or Supershield is still blocking it. I know that it's them because I paused the fire-wall for 10 minutes and was able to load up the game without problem. Is there not a way you can manually add something to the whitelist? If not, then I would ask if I can get some assistance with this issue.
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