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  1. Thanks for all the help guys but I ended up overwriting everything as there were no other options..
  2. Tried that.. no luck. Did pretty much everything on that link.. my boot.ini is pooched and thus won't seem to let me reset it.. I think I am boned..
  3. Hmmm the Locator service was NOT running.. got it running and on Automatic... still not really solving.. but is there a certain setting under Log In or no?
  4. Tried that one and think I got it right.. but the system automatically reinstalls the devices... and tried unplugging and pulling the battery from by modem.. still no success... so I think I have to do a wipe and reinstall of everything?
  5. Here are the results: Vino's Event Viewer v01c run on Windows XP in English Report run at 22/11/2011 4:48:15 PM Note: All dates below are in the format dd/mm/yyyy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 'Application' Log - error Type ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Log: 'Application' Date/Time: 21/11/2011 5:14:07 PM Type: error Category: 0 Event: 1000 Source: Application Error Faulting application mstmon_y.exe, version, faulting module mstmon_y.exe, version, fault address 0x00014edd. Log: 'Application' Date/Time: 20/11/2011 11:09:42 AM Type: error Category: 0
  6. I will do that tomorrow and give you guys that update. I have to go and get a new flash drive anyway as my old one pooped out
  7. I did actually do that.. thought it might do it.. boo
  8. My setup is - I am directly connected to the internet via a combo modem - it is both for my phone and internet - no router inbetween. It has a battery pack so I cannot really unplug but reset it - it has a 18-19 HR life to it. It is weird as I have been switching between my laptop and PC (as I can connect via wireless router to my laptop) and it gets a signal no problem. For some weird reason it has been fighting on recognizing either the built in LAN or the pci one..
  9. OK guys here is what I did - tried starting in Safe Mode but again no connectivity so it has to be a hardware or related problem. Restarted and then did as Y kawika suggested - removed all devices - have a couple since my mobo - A8N-SLI Premuim has two ports in the back. Got it to resign and all but when I plug the cord in the back it shows connected but with NO activity. When I try ipconfig it just goes to Windows IP Config with NO info as far as connections at all.. so I even went as far as bypassing the onboard ethernet with a pci one - again does the same thing - shows a RED light instead
  10. Thanks Joe C but I have tried both of those suggestions - I actually cannot completely unplug my modem as it is a multi-function one - we get our phone and internet through the same connection - so the modem has a battery pack that is good for something like 19 hours with no power service - so the best I could do was reboot it with the button on the back. And I have tried restarting serveral times with the same result - Aquiring IP address...
  11. Thanks guys but with both your ideas - no dice! Dang it!! When I tried the /release: IP Address for adapter Local Area Connection 3 has already been released. And so when I tried the /renew: An error occured while remewinginterface Local Area Connection 3 : The RPC server is unavailable. I also ran the flush.bat file - it did what it was supposed to do but again with the same results - my connection Icon : Local Area Connection 3 Speed 100 Mbps Status : Acquiring network address ipconfig shows me: Connection-specific DNS Suffix : cgoca
  12. Good day all, I really could use some help as I am stumped. Long story short I believe I had a nasty virus on my computer - running Windows XP Home SP3 - I cleared this virus as all my scans now (Adaware Pro/SpyBot/AntiVir) show nothing. BUT for some reason since I cleared this thing my internet connection (cable) will NOT hook up as it is says it is aquiring the IP address. I had called my ISP and the tech had me run a few things - ipconfig - which shows IP address as : She had me run a reset command (cannot for the life remember what it was) and it said reset and will take
  13. Wow thank you for all the responces! I have sucessfully done a repair and the only problem I have run into now is that while I am fully connected to the internet both installed browsers (FireFox and IE6) act like they are not connected. Still running some scans and it seems like there are some things popping up in SpyBot so we'll see from there.
  14. Thank you - I unfortunately cannot access the BIOS as I do not know the correct key beyond ESC. ESC at least lets me choose the boot up - after aboutr 4-5 tries it FINALLY recognized the XP disk and I am now currently repairing and am trying not to have to do a clean install unless I have to. Have had some disturbing errors though where it cannot find certain i386 files though... will let everyone know...
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