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  1. I am an MSP, only have about a dozen clients right now, but am growing. I have a few windows 10 computers that will not run or complete a scan, automatically or manually. Operating System Windows 10 x64 Processor Intel Core i5-3340 3100MHz Model Inspiron 660 2 of my problem clients run proprietary databases. One is called LimoWiz and one is from Duke Energy When I perform a manual scan, remotely, the scan starts, goes thru the motions and then stops and will not go past: Scanning in
  2. I have been an MSP with PC Matic since November 2016. I like the product and the pricing. My questions are: Is there anywhere I can download partner ready marketing files? I want something professional to send out to perspective clients. Is there a better and more up to date user's guide? thanks in advance! Rich
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