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  1. What I know from experience is if the 12v rail isn't reading at recieving 12v or slightly above the P4 systems I built had problems with stability.
  2. The 12v rail is should be at 12v or slightly over my experience with P4s both Northwoods and Prescott have been they are very sensitive to voltages being below specs. What is the suggested power supply for your video card? If it's drawing too much power that could cause a thermal problem.
  3. Prescott processors ran hot from the time of the release and under powered would contribute to the problem. Personally none of my P4 systems have less than a 500 watt power supply. Very likely the problem is the 12v rail is not getting the steady minimum of 12v.
  4. Even though you didn't make the recovery dvd and didn't get one with the computer you can contact Toshiba to get a recovery dvd. It might cost something but it should be a modest sum.
  5. Usually when you can't get a PC to even post it's a failed motherboard.
  6. Well Joe replacing the motherboard gives at least a few more years of service and since the motherboard replacement is a rebuild it's hopeful that they replaced the faulty gpu.
  7. Try an external monitor see if the problem exists on it. If it does then you'll know it's very likely the gpu. Having just changed the motherboard on a dv6640 which is about the same age as your current laptop. As the motherboard was dying the start was with video problems not quite as bad as your having but a problem none the less. It moved on to a usb plug going bad then finally wouldn't post or boot. The cost of the motherboard was a little over $200 but if we hadn't been able to replace it ourselves it would have cost another $100 to replace the motherboard so it might be time to replace t
  8. What you want to do is huge job and not for the inexperienced computer user. The biggest problem is drivers for your hardware does the computer builder provide XP drivers for your laptop? Very likely they don't so you would need to try drivers for older model laptop since computer builders use combination hardware that require very specific drivers. Trying to go back two operating systems may or may not be sucessful. Whatever you decide be sure to make a disk image of the win 7 operating system and do not wipe the recovery partition because by changing the operating system you void your warr
  9. It's possible you have a conflict with the on board sound and the sound card. Normally when I've had on board sound and intend to install a sound card I disbale the on board sound in the bios then install the sound card. If the sound card is good installing the drivers should make it work. If the sound card is bad the drivers won't install because they won't see the sound card. Or you can remove the sound card enable the on board sound in the bios then install the motherboard drivers that have the on board sound drivers.
  10. To run in single channel you need to put the ram in slots 1 & 2 usually. Since to run in dual channel the ram would need to be slot 1 & 3. But running in dual channel you still will have 8 gb of ram it will just run better than single channel.
  11. Third party disk imaging software is more than safe it preserves imaged files perfectly. Acronis is what I use now but I have been using disk imaging software since windows 95.
  12. Snow flurries today= 5+ inches tomorrow snow fluries likely to be another 4inches then wednesday more snow not sure how much. The street department believed in flurries for today so didn't plow or salt until now Getting really tired of this Bruce it's on it's way to you
  13. Monday night was freezing rain, all day Tuesday was sleet the snow missed us. Supposed to clear of the storm except for cold sorry it's been snowing since noon today think another storm sneaked in
  14. Ahhhh maybe you'll get lucky and the icy rain will miss you. This storm is so big it's supposed to cover most states maybe this our snow will swing more to the south.
  15. Bruce bad news there is another big storm on it's way Starting tomorrow morning we're expecting an inch of ice in the form of freezing rain followed by 8 to 10 inches of snow from monday night thru wednesday So the freezing rain should hit you tuesday or wednesday followed by the snow.
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