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  1. If you have an open Pci slot you could buy a Firewire Pci card just another option.
  2. Your problem is trying to use/repair an existing install of XP when you have changed the CPU and motherboard. XP will not play nice with that too many hardware changes. Use a 3rd party program to format the drive to orginial condition and do a clean install of XP. If there are important files that you need to recover then I'de slave the drive to another system recover the files. It could be that the drive is going bad.
  3. You have a 6% cpu load that's pretty high and once your system is underload it could cause freezing. You say you have pci usb cards (does that mean more than 1) if so you might have an IRQ conflict with the cards. If you have a dial up modem and don't use it uninstall the software for it and remove the card it could be what's conflicting with your usb cards since they might be sharing the same IRQ. Instead USB cards you might want to use a powered USB hub to give you more USB ports without the load on your IRQs.
  4. Don't think your problem is the processor just bad luck with the motherboard. Personally I removed all fans from the motherboard controls except for the heatsink fan and power supply fan. Now I run my fans directly off the power supply. Before you get a new power supply download and run Everest Home to check if the power supply is providing a steady sate 12v and 5v they shouldn't very more than 5% on either side of that voltage. If they very more than 5% then replacing the power supply might solve your problem.
  5. Personally from my experience I'de get back with Intel. Case in point I had to do that 3 times with my motherboard before I got one that would work for more than a short time. Two more things I learned the hard way don't use Intel thermal pad for the processor use artic silver, make very sure that you have enough cooling for the case.
  6. Ahhhhhh Spork666 sounds like we both learned the same lesson the hard way
  7. When my card acted that way it was both a heat problem and a low power supply.
  8. In XP disk management shows partitions and primary drives. If when you go into disk management and it shows both partitions then the drive is being seen correctly by windows.
  9. The VGA controller applies to you video display it appears you have no video drivers installed. Do you have on board video or a video card.
  10. If you've owned the card for less than 3 years you can get an RMA from Ati and they will repair or replace the card.
  11. mouse


    Clean out your windows temp file/local (user name) temp file. A failed install leaves files behind so each install tries to use the same files thus fails at the same point.
  12. It doesn't appear that you have any anti-virus software installed. It would be a very good idea to install some anti-virus software.
  13. Yep the forums are all Iain's fault He needed a little help answering questions in U2U so I pitched in
  14. Unless new bios address a problem don't update them. Your main problem with your system is you need to defrag. If you mess up the bios update you could end up with a very expensive door stop.
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