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  1. Even though we dont cross paths too much anymore I hope you have a great Birthday
  2. hehehe We Aussies call flannel flannel of course same as you but it can also have another meaning, what you might call a face washer or wash cloth I call a flannel .... flannel flannel flannel
  3. The word "flannel" has always caused me to smile and usually laugh after saying it out loud a few times... try it... its weird
  4. that is just too sad for words, the only thing I can think of is... why? But I do believe the best thing you could hope for these two "people" is that they live very long long lives... death is too good and too easy for them, they will pay... over and over they will pay.
  5. Guess what I received today!? Thank you so much Mike, very thoughtful and a wonderful surprise I love it
  6. Dad was ticked!! How funny is that...? Ticked... ? How about mortified? Or Postal?
  7. Christmas gives me the heebie geebie's - too many people in shopping centres all going crazy running into me and getting in my personal space... makes me go a bit ummm... psycho I want to push people down escalators & stuff like that Yes its true... I try to be good
  8. Its my Christmas avatar... It pretty much sums me up over the Christmas & new year period - Happy... yet a little dark and sinister
  9. Oh Im here A LOT... more than you know more than anyone could comprehend And a very Merry Christmas to you too caintry
  10. Guys... I have not had one problem - Why would this be? I feel so alone So left out Why...
  11. Have you tried running diskeeper in safe mode? That'll usually do the trick
  12. Soccer - http://www.footballaustralia.com.au/public...st.asp?home=yes Cricket - http://www.cricket.com.au/
  13. How good were those 2 penalty shoot-out saves by Mark Schwarzer - what a legend! I've never been a soccer fan by I loved that game... it was awesome... I thought I was going to pop it was that exciting! Aussie! Aussie! Aussie !!
  14. Happy Birthday brandon! Have a great day
  15. lucky you! thank you for all your help today Mike
  16. love eh? does that mean you need love, you need to love or that you will find love or love will find you?? or did you just buy a lottery ticket instead?
  17. Buy your own copy of XP - problem solved!
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