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  1. Hey Pit Family! It's been an insane last 7 months... yes that's right it's over 7 months ago that Regan May was born! She continues to amaze me on a daily basis and I seem to impossibly fall more and more in Love every day She is talking say "dad" "bub... bubba" she loves blowing raspberries and loves to laugh! mmm... feet are yummy!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... BOO! The happiest baby in the world... I am so lucky
  2. Hey Shogan... feeling pretty good thank you Slowly getting back to "normal" and I am loving being a mummy
  3. when you get pregnant you can have mine bac
  4. Hope you have a wonderful birthday lillbill
  5. Hey hftmrock! Hope you have a wonderful Birthday! Kylie x
  6. Happy Birthday to Lou Happy Birthday to Lou Happy Birthday to Lou-ooo Happy Birthday to Lou hehehe Hope you have an awesome day! Kylie x
  7. Holy Moly I think I'll wait! hehehee What a choice... plunger or yabbie pump!!?
  8. I'm still hanging in there!! get it out of me!!!
  9. hehe... you ain't kidding Sir T! :kylie1: Although, how you actually knew that I don't know!
  10. Sorry I missed it... But I hope you had Happy Birthday Wigan
  11. Every one in awhile something REALLY fires me up!!! I guess you can have PMS when pregnant...! Just ask my husband!! Although he doesn't put up with it... he yells right back! :pow: But hey, that post is nothing really... compared to what I am actually capable of... if I am REALLY mad
  12. Jonny frickin' Wilkinson... what a nance... does he really need to engage in the "poo stance" before his penalty kicks?? Which reminds me... just how many TRIES did England score??? grrrr... what a joke, stupid blind Irish umpire, I wonder how much you poms paid for that little Exhibition Be warned... dont forget... I'm pregnant & emotional...!!
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