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  1. It was almost the 15th... just missed out by one and a quarter hours! hehe Born 16th November at 1.14am Girl, Regan May I wonder who was the closest to getting it correct?
  2. By all means fire away with the nicknames!! Thanks Wayne... I don't mind Ashley but I like Regan better pron: ree-gun
  3. Did you just update any drivers? Roll back and see if that fixes the problem... I have heard that wrong jumper settings or also correct grounding of the MOBO can cause this error, a few ideas hopefully one might help? Cheers and welcome to the pit PS: You should post problems in the User to User forum
  4. Wow, that did make me feel better! It helps knowing so many people are on your side! You guys are all awesome Thank you all so much Juliet the names we have narrowed it down to are (depending on which one he/she "is" when we lay eyes on our baby for the first time) For a boy... Jonah, Gabriel or Jacob Douglas For a girl... Regan or Isabelle May A few of the names have been "taken" along the wy with with friends of ours... like my favourite; Hannah! and another of our serious contenders; Noah. But thats cool, just wasn't meant to be! Oh and there'll be photos, don't you wor
  5. OK... so here's the thing my Dear Pit Family... As of this Sunday I only have 6 weeks to go!! YES it has just hit home... :kylie2: I am LARGE I am an emotional nightmare I am absolutely snitting myself Somebody tell me it's all going to be OK!!!
  6. kilt (I don't know... don't ask where that came from...??!)
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