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  1. Actually, no I won't. I found out the issue was that I was trying to use IE 8 64bit instead of 32bit. Whoops.
  2. Thanks, I'll post in one of those forums. And that tips and tricks forum will come in handy - I never saw it.
  3. Thanks Bruce, the Synaptics drivers did end up working! Now I've got a new problem... since the Win 7 upgrade, I can't run the PC Pitstop utilities. And I can't search for info on this in the forum because the keyword "7" is too small!
  4. I have an HP dv6-1030us laptop that I just upgraded to Win 7 RC. Unfortunately, I've lost the driver for my touchpad, so I lost my custom settings. I also lost my little pop-up when I put the num or caps lock buttons on and I have two unknown devices in my device manager (on Intel® ICH9M LPC Interface Controller - 2919 and on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System). I first went to hp.com to try to upgrade, but they only had one thing for win 7 that didn't apply and I went to Synaptics and they recommend using HP's site and they don't have anything for Win 7 yet anyway. Any thoughts on ho
  5. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=6HZJSW8Z8RVSDUZG From my startup processes, as far as I know, I need those three.... I'm running Avast for my antivirus. As you can tell from my pitstop test, I'm also getting low memory performance issues (not all of the time, but most of the time). That didn't seem to start until after I added another gb of memory. I'm also getting an unusually low disk performance message for Drive D (that's the recovery drive) although I usually get it for Drive C. I do have only 37% free space on C, but I didn't think that would be enough to start de
  6. It's the time just before my desktop appears. I have almost no unneccessary programs loading on startup.
  7. I actually finally broke down and did a restore (luckily I still had one just before this error started) and the error has stopped. Just have to figure out why windows is taking a lot longer to boot up now....
  8. I've been to that site before and that person's problem is a little different than mine since my error seems to involve kernel32.dll, not StackHash_842b which seems to be more common. Going into Process Explorer, the svchost.exe that closes once I click the close box on the error dialog box has a PID of 3280, but I can't figure out what services it's handling or whatever it does. When I go into task manager and look at the services there, the PID doesn't match anything there. The svchost.exe that is listed in the processes in task manager under my local username does end when I click th
  9. I do have an instance of svchost.exe that is not a network service, local service, or system process - it has my local username listed on task manager.... Could that be the problem?
  10. Ok, before I end the svchost.exe process that's causing that error to come up, I was able to find it in process explorer. All of them have a white background in the processes list except this one which has an orange background (not sure what the colors mean) svchost.exe PID = 3372. TID = 3376 Start Address = svchost.exe+0x20bf Thread ID = 3376 State = Wait:WrLpcReply Base Priority = 8 Dynamic Priority = 8 Kernel Time = 0:00:00.031 User Time = 0:00:00.000 I/O Priority = Normal Memory Priority = 5 Context Switches 399
  11. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=XZ7XSW8Z8RVSY1BG This error just started this afternoon. The last thing that I did yesterday was to cleanup disk space, delete old restore points (can't figure out yet out to prevent Vista from using as much space as it wants for restore points... they were taking up 20gb), and defrag. Here's the error I get during startup: I did do an adaware scan and nothing showed up. Any suggestions? edit: also did a virus scan with avast and nothing came up.
  12. If I do have to get it serviced... how do servicers feel about a couple of... borrowed... programs?
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