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  1. Thanks noknojon but they didn't try to sell me a better plan or anything else. They simply stated that the problem appeared to be the telephone wiring within my house. There recommended solution was to have an electrician run a new dedicated line to the modem. I do have multiple phone outlets in my house and I do have filters on all the outlets where I have phones. I also have the modem supplied by the ISP. This week I plan on contacting some electricians to see if they can trouble shoot my phone lines or run a new dedicated line to my modem.
  2. I can't really help but I am having the same problem. I had the internet provider come to my house to assist and after running tests he told me I had a fault somewhere in my telephone lines. The speed test conducted at the lead in to the house showed good rate but none of my telephone outlets in the house were good. Oops - just looked at your post again and see you aren't using a telephone line. Sorry for the post.
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