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  1. Like I said, the file names end with _001, _002, _003, etc. They even have the same file size and modification date. Even the notepad files I opened contained nothing else than Chinese characters. And as I mentioned, every file I opened came with "File error, cannot open"
  2. I request closure of this thread, as I found the problem: The DNS addresses were the culprit. Switched to OpenDNS and it worked.
  3. On Thursday morning, my computer has crashed to a non-bootable state. I have made a successful reset but lost the files afterwards, on which I had to use Easeus Data Recovery Pro. I managed to recover those files successfully, but I didn't expect that these files come as duplicates, and also, they cannot be opened. Like if they were fragmented, damaged, corrupted or what! If anything can be done to undo the damage, it'll be fine. And afterwards I undergo a more agressive backup regime to prwvent those from happening again. I forgot to say that my PC is a Windows 10 (Dell Inspiron 20, Model 3048)
  4. As of now, I find out that the problem has returned after it was fixed yesterday. And I notice it by the browsers (Both Edge, Internet Explorer, and Chrome) facing the same issue. All other applications remain unaffected, but it happens on all accounts on this computer.
  5. I forgot to mention that the "router" is the Technicolor TG582N modem
  6. Greetings, I am recently having a massive issue with my internet connection on my Dell Inspiron 20 (Model 3048) running Windows 10, and my connection is with Claro PR. All other devices connected to the network is not affected. It seems that connection is working fine for a few moments, until it then times out without loading anything and it hapens on both wired and Wi-Fi connections, and on every application that uses it including every web browser I own. The firewall is kept intact (all connections as set from factory mode), all updates and drivers are up to date, I repetitively cleansed the DNS cache as instructed elsewhere, the "hosts" file is clean, the machine is free of viruses, no changes in the hardware, there are no apps that are using great amounts of bandwidth, but the problem remains the same that I have to keep on disconnecting and reconnecting every minute and I have not done anything that would cause an adverse function on the computer. Please let me know if there's an effective yet permanent solution to this problem in question.
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