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  1. We must all agree with indy when there are several topics like this on a site with limited activity requesting information about the defragger Started by Roedy Green, 20 May 2016 and still not answered !! Looks like nobody really cares enough to answer -
  2. If you took the time to read my reply, I asked cox910 to run a simple broadband test that would show their "Current" broadband speed (by one of the most trusted checks in the industry) and compared it to what they are paying for then there could be a basis for if the upload / download speeds had altered. Is this in your mind "totally incorrect", or is this a good basic place to start ?? I always use this as a good point to start from, then you will see if you improve speeds or not. The computer could also be infected or have other problems like modem etc, but you need to have a base ................ Or did you never do computer diagnostics, infection removal, or any similar work ? Your other posters in this area need help from other areas (not PCMatic built-in optimizers). I have spent the last 10 or 12 years doing this full time and part time.
  3. Hi cox910; I do not believe that this "item" will in any way "improve" your broadband reception or output. Please run Speedtest.net by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test This only takes a few seconds and will tell you what your output and reception are. Just click on Begin Test, and wait as it tells you a result. Do Not click on any sponsors messages outside the test box, as they are spam and not related. Below is the simple output from the test. If you are unable to post a full result (as below), just post back with your basic results (download / upload/ and ping). http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/5932211734 My results above match the plan that I am on with my Internet Service Provider, and suit me. Thank You.
  4. @ ronc12, This is one of the oldest scams that I.S.P's have used to buy a "better more expensive plan" or "pay extra for boosting your signal". Most times it is 1/ the Modem or 2/ your internal wiring (but that is for "very old" houses with old internal copper wiring, or houses that have multiple phone outlets without "filters" on the other outlets. I have found that I now only use a Modem that my I.S.P will supply or recommend. I currently run at least, 1 W8.1 desktop (hard wired) one W7.1 laptop wirelessly, one (or more) iPhones, 1 Kindle, and my house phone (2 units) runs via my modem (free calls to normal lines not 1900 calls or cell phones). I have also plugged in several other desktop and laptop units (for diagnostics) and all runs very good. My current plan is 25Mb/s down, and it is now usually within 2Mb/s up or down from there.
  5. @ JustinP526, Have you contacted https://customer.xfinity.com/help-and-support/internet/or if the link is not accurate, you would go to, or look for, Comcast Forum. I do believe that as a "Paid Internet User" you should have full access to an online request for help from this Forum / area and advice if the Modem is suitable. You may need to set an account (as you have here), but I know of several Moderators who do help people there (also Free). Please let us know the result, Thank You.
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