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  1. Thanx Jacee. I thought 'rescue' and 'emergency' disks were not the same- that a 'rescue' disk was machine specific and an 'emergency' disk was OS specific. *shakes head* I'm thankful for software developers but would be happy if they made the copywriters use consistant terminology! <G> Appreciate your assistance. Thanx again!
  2. tell me where the "utilities" are located... I have just begun using it (tired of Norton's inability to stop/find them) and I need to make an emergency boot disk for a friend's sick machine. The AVG site says: >>First you must create a clean, bootable floppy. On a clean computer, insert an empty floppy diskette, start MS DOS prompt and run format a: /s Now create an Emergency Diskette (in the menu select Utilities -> Create Emergency Disk) on another diskette and write protect them both. Start your computer using the system diskette to boot to DOS (by inserting it into your floppy drive before you turn it on). Replace the floppy with the Emergency Diskette and from the command prompt run avg.exe. This will start AVG/SOS. Now select Test and Restore...<< Is it only an option for the paid program? I've just spent a couple of hours reading the FAQs at AVG and can find the Rescue Disk Wizard just fine (altho to date I've been unable to make a set...) but Utilities are not to be found. Thanx in advance for any help/advice.
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