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  1. Ok, got it on the Auto to Manual. Interesting about Combofix. This is the third time I have used it and I realize it should not be used as maintenance. First time was about 7 years ago when I picked up a hijack virus while on a wireless at a hotel. Next time was only a month or so ago when MBytes tech support had me download and run it FIRST in an attempt to get their real time monitor to run on a computer of mine that had not been on the internet for 10 years. My, time flies, but that XP machine still runs great for what I use it for....NOT internet surfing or games. Thanks for the replies.
  2. Thanks Y. System Restore? Nah. Don't trust it. I do, however, trust Norton Ghost and have for years. I have no answer other than I must reside in bizzaro world because for some reason when I got home last night the new user I set up was working, allowing access to files and the internet. I quickly launched PC Matic. It didn't find anything. I the ran a few other tools including Combofix which for some reason would run all the sudden. Keeping my fingers crossed as all is working and was when I left for work this morning. BUT....I still would like know how to why Combofix is saying Supersheild and PC Matic anti virus were still running when I shut them down and verified in Taskmanger. In Taskmanager I did not see any running applications with PCmatic____in the name. It's not running as a SVhost or something is it? As you know, it can cause some issues if both are running at the same time and limits the "fixes" it will do.
  3. Long post XP, SP3, all systems working fine in the AM (not connected to internet) and return in evening and every time try and launch a program or open a file get windows error that the path cant be found or do not have permission. Havent tried to get on internet, I guess I should. But, no programs will run. Reboot, blah blah. Start in Safe mode and all programs, the ones I checked started up and the files will open. Tried running new version of Combofix but keep getting message it is out of date. Not sure why when I just downloaded and the splash screen showing current date is correct. Ok, so it wants to run in reduced mode…fine…just run. Splash screen says PC super shield and antivirus are still running. Hmmm, Taskmanger says they are not running. Click ok to continue scan anyway and program drops out and icon dissapers, like it just uninstalled itself. Ran FRST, but cant find log file on safe mode desktop. Ran RKILL, some message about pointers but don’t understand it. It was looking for pointers but the dates referened back to 2008 and earlier. Interesting, I created a new user account and that user was able to open any file and program while NOT in safe mode. Shut computer off last night, now that account is doing the same thing the next morning. Deleted that account and set up another one, but that one wont open programs or files. Computer uses Comodo firewall, PC Matic with Super Sheild, Malewarebytes Premium and Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit. Not sure if this is virus or just windows has become corrupt. The drive is only about 4 months old, not that it would eliminate all possibilities of a hard drive issue but since Combofix wont run, I suspect not. Combofix not running seems odd, to me. Anyway, looking for advice so I don’t have to run Ghost and restore my drive.
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