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  1. Bonjour Y, I tried the solutions you suggested but sadly to no avail, Any other ideas please ? I still cant get emails after 11th June & the "Navigation to the webpage" persists ! Thanks , Harry
  2. Hi Y ( ? ) Thanks for coming back. I am using windows 10 & the browser I use most is Firefox but this annoying Pop up seems to arrive whenever !! But my biggest prob. is not having Outlook, perhaps there is a connection ? Harry
  3. HI, I have searched through previous post but couldn't find a related topic so if it is there I apologise. I have not been able to get e-mails for over a week ( I use OUTLOOK 2013 (? )) I also get a very persistent POP UP ; "Navigation to the web page was cancelled". This has no facility to delete other than reverting to Home screen by tapping Win+D. It is extremely annoying & I don't know whether there is a connection between these two problems. I am able to get e-mails via my server site ORANGE but I much prefer OUTLOOK. Can you help me get back to it please, & don't be too technical, you're talking to a 73 year old,NOT a computer "whizz kid" Thanks, Harry
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