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  1. My apologies to PCMatic. Turns out my email ISP's spam filter had quarantined those messages. An individual PCMatic staff person sent an email from his personal address and got through. He was VERY HELPFUL - and restored my faith in PCMatic. I am a new user, so still learning the ropes. Bought PCM with SuperShield because I was hit with a ransomware virus. I had work arounds - but couldn't get rid of the virus. Should have bought PCM months ago when I had intended - not AFTER a hack attack. I have a computer guru who helped corral the ransomware, and will be here in a couple days
  2. @DJS8917 I got hit with a ransomware virus which encrypted my MS Word, Excell, pdf and jpg, png files. Fortunately I was able to work around it and had backups. I bought PCMatic with Supershield to try to get rid of it and prevent future attacks. PCMatic worked to some extent - but did not remove all the virus files. With the help of my computer guru, the ransomware is no longer encrypting current files - BUT at least one copy of the virus file remains, and my task bar shows 39 processes active - which slows everything down dramatically. What to do? For those who may want to know -
  3. Thanks for the instructions. I need to use a File Transfer Protocal program (FTP995) to send my pdf files to the company that prints my newspaper - and was about to panic because the program was being blocked by SuperShield. The instructions worked. HOWEVER - Pitstops customer service is LOUSY. I HAVE CALLED THEM EIGHT TIMES OVER THE PAST FIVE DAYS, AND SENT THEM FIVE EMAILS AND RECEIVED NO RESPONSE. I have left my phone number each time - and said it twice - and my email address, plus a description of the problems. Why don't they ever respond to attempts to contact them?
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