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  1. Well, it was a long-shot :-) But I did manage to pull modded official D27 outta italian site ( forza google translate! ). So I'm all set for now and still waiting for the SSD. -H-K
  2. Hey, Bit of a long-shot with old thread, but do you still have the rig or bios file for it? I'm in process of restoring my old '03 NF-7S V2 athlon system. BIOSes just ain't that readily available on interwebs anymore it seems Seems I had different workaround for radeon HD on win XP. But now installed W7 and needing do the fix. I do have older D26 Mantaray bios I've updated with newer SATARAID drivers, but having D27 w. fix would be handy. ( ordered cheapo 15€ SSD for it so needing wait for while anyways ). -H-K
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