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  1. Greeting Sir Nigsy, I have used ccleaner before. I downloaded the link you provided and ran the program. I then attempted to install PCMatic.. It did not install yet again, with the now familiar " unable to register the dll/ocx: Regsvr32 failed with exit code 0x3 ". I then opted to push the " ignore" button so as to keep the PCMaticAdBlocker.dll from rolling back to pre install conditions. I then opened a "cmd" window and typed.. Regsvr32 C:\ProgramFiles\PCPitstop\PCMatic\AdBlockers\PCMaticAdBlocker.dll and pressed enter. The results were disappointing, I received an error 'Load Library (R
  2. Hello IntelGuy, Yes I have tried using the ignore button and at first it looks like the program installed...BUT, later on when you run a scan it will find registry errors ( in my case 106 of them ) when auto fix is selected, it says it fixed the registry errors. However, If you run another scan it will find the same number of registry errors again, If you apply auto fix and re-scan yet again , the errors rear there ugly head again. You can do this Ad Nauseaum. It also seemed to act strangely when a PCMatic program update was applied, ie: PCMatic just disappeared, the only thing that was le
  3. Hello IntelGuy,I tried to install PCMatic from the link you provided. Sadly, it did the same thing with the same error code. However before pressing the option to "Abort" I went to C:\Program Files\PC Pitstop\PC Matic\AdBlockers and there was a file called PCMaticAdBlocker.dll... I would have tried to install via command prompt and try using RegSvr32 to manually register the DLL. But I have never done that before (mess with registry) but I will be willing to venture into that area if supported with more detailed instructions.After I used the option to roll back the install, I went back in to C
  4. Hello intelGuy and his Lordship Sir Nigsy, Sorry for the time lapse, I had chores to complete around Home and hearth.In regards to your last question, when I go into windows explorer to my; C:\Program Files\PC Pitstop\PC Matic I find nothing but an icon that looks like a shortcut to PCMatic, nothing else...Now as an observation when you Abort the setup program it rolls back any installed progress. How do you think we should proceed? Regards geneb53
  5. Hello IntelGuy, I right clicked on the PCMatic setup icon and selected PREFERRE-810DB6\user, and ran the download. Sadly it did the very same thing( same error code with the same options).I looked everywhere in the box that was presented after right clicking the install icon but, alas no "Run as admin" was to be found; sorry Nigsy. I found only "run as current user" or an option to use " the following user" which has no name or passcode. Is it possible to set up an administrator account with all privliges and use that ? Or barring that would it be possible to manually register the pcmaticadb
  6. Hi IntelGuy,I'm logged on as PREFERRE-810DB6\user this has admin status as I can change the system clock with no problems. I did download and saved target to my desktop. When I right click the icon it gives me a choice to use the preferre-810DB6\user or to use anotheruser name that does not show up in the box..IE. the other user name and password are blank... please advise thanks.
  7. Hello IntelGuy, thanks for responding to my post regarding "PCMatic will not install" and the perceived issue of no response from tech support on Ticket # TSL-966-60755. I was surprised to learn that I had been sent three answers to my install problem but, hadn't received a single fix via e-mail. I found this a bit curious, so I went looking to my e-mail provider and found that my e-mail was being filtered thru a program called Barracuda|spam firewall. I entered the program and white listed pcpitstop.com, PCMatic.com, and [email protected] As an extra step I went and turned off all scanni
  8. Hello Ykawika, I tried your solution to my problem but I'm sad to say it didn't work. It ran and said it repaired files and that it completed successfully (I guess no harm no foul). But alas, no PCMatic install for me. I have been waiting 6 now going on 7 days to hear anything back from customer support via Ticket # TSL-966-60755 . So far no joy and not one answer from them. I do appreciate your efforts to help solve my problem. Regards; geneb53
  9. I am trying to install PCMatic on a second computer. It has Windows XP Home service pack 3, 32bit version. The install goes almost all the way during setup but stops just before finishing with this popup:: C:\Program Files\pcpitstop\pc matic\adblockers\pcmaticadblocker.dll unable to register the DLL/OCX:RegSvr32failed with error code 0X3 Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can get this paid program to install?
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