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  1. OK great, the first option didn't work... I tried it two ways, I set up the iDrive backup to run by pausing the Super-Shield for 10 minutes and then performed the scan while it ran. That program never showed up in the scan report for me to change any setting about it. I then ran the scan again without it running to see if the background method made it show up in the scan report and it didn't then either... I am trying this 2nd method now and will see how that works...
  2. Yes, Super Shjield is giving me a little popup window telling me it has blocked the application and then the iDrive report is telling me that it failed to run... That little popup window could be either a Dell monitor or possibly a Windows 10 thing... I'm not quite sure, but it is a little box/window that pops up with a little yellow warning icon that hovers over the system tray for a few seconds and then disappears. Just a little notification window... I will run a scan and see if I can get it onto my Whitelist from there. I'll let you know...
  3. Hello, My specific problem is that sometimes my Super Shield blocks my iDrive backup application and won't allow it to run or perform its backup task. It was working before but now recently it is blocking and disallowing it. In attempting to read the user guide and perusing the FAQ I can find no useful information on how to add my iDrive application to the Whitelist; if that's even the proper method to make the Super Shield recognize & allow it to run & do its chore. I wish to keep my system backed-up and at this moment Super Shield is thwarting my intentions. I don't want to
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