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  1. ​Hello- ​PC Pitstop is looking at redoing the forums webpage, but we want your feedback before we make too many changes. ​First, we are discussing minor changes. These would be focused on membership rewards. This would include featuring special forums for members only, and potentially a contest for the best tip shared each month by members. ​Secondly, we are looking at redoing the layout of the entire page. This would mean still having the Community tab, but also adding a Membership tab. Each tab would then have subcategories, such as: ​Windows 10 - Support ​ - Tips and Tricks Windows 8 - Support - Tips and Tricks etc. There would also still be the categories for Networks, Viruses, etc. Essentially we want to organize the page to make it more functional. However, we want to be sure this is something the current users agree could be beneficial. Let us know what you think, and what ideas you may have to help make our forums better for our users!
  2. As PC Pitstop continues to grow, so does our staff! Check out the latest opportunity available in PC Pitstop's marketing department! https://www.linkedin.com/jobs2/view/107067863?trk=eml-pillar_view_job&midToken=AQHL83hw0dWABw&fromEmail=fromEmail&ut=1hVLUDpLTDoT81
  3. PC Pitstop had an amazing end to 2015, and has continued the momentum into 2016. PC Pitstop learned in early January, 2016 that their product, PC Matic, had earned the prestigious ISCA Labs Anti-Virus Certification, and also won the Virus Bulletin RAP Test. PC Pitstop has also developed a Software Trust Index, which anyone is able to use to look up their current security software to see their trust index. PC Pitstop also used their resources for extensive research on where different security software is developed and supported. Again, this is a free lookup tool to the public, to help educate them on where their security software comes from. As PC Pitstop continues to propel past the competition, and we create new tools for the public and our users, we will be sure to keep you updated!
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