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    Windows 10

    You can get a Windows 10 Media Creation Tool that will makean USB drive bootable with Windows 10 installation files. It is available @ https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10. Device drivers and software extras can usually be found at the brand web sites for a particular brand & model of the supported device.
  2. I use Pale Moon 26.2.1 x64 (Moonchild Production). Pale Moon and Firefox (along with other browsers using the Mozilla engine) used the same Mozilla engine for a long time. Pale Moon now uses a different Mozilla engine variation than Firefox since Mozilla changed their Mozilla engine. I install Pale Moon x32 to update the plugins and then install Pale Moon x64. Some of the plugins that work with the 32 bit version of Firefox, won't transfer with the 64 bit versions of Firefox and Pale moon. because Firefox gives me a lot of problems and the interface is not as user friendly for me. It uses most Firefox extensions. To get the the plugins (not extensions) for Firefox to work in Pale Moon, I sometimes uninstall Pale Moon and remove everything. This way It is starting from scratch without the personalizations when re-installing it. Then I use the Pale Moon migration Tool to migrate the Firefox extensions and plugins to Pale Moon. When I attempt to use the PC Matic extension, it states that it is not compatible with Pale Moon, but it does work with Firefox 45.0.1. (Some extensions are designed - so they claim - to work with all future versions of Firefox.) The PC Matic Firefox extension doesn't migrate to Pale Moon because of compatibility issues. Can something be done to fix this? I would love to be able to use the PC Matic extension n Pale Moon.
  3. I am loving Pale Moon x64 version 25.8.1. I update it to the current versions as they become available. I downloaded the current Firefox x32 version 43.0.4 and noticed that PC Matic has an extension for Firefox. It doesn't work in Pale Moon. Most Firefox extension worked, but since Firfox changed their engine?, more of newer Firefox extension updates don't work work with Pale Moon. the Pale Moon people have adapted some of the popular ones for Pale Moon and they are great. Most of the 32 bit extensions for Pale Moon also work on the 64 bit Pale Moon browser. Is there a way to get a PC Matic extension for Pale Moon x32 and Pale Moon x64?
  4. I love Pale Moon! I think it i nicer than Firefox. I am now using the 64 bit version of Pale Moon and I always udate it to the latest version. PC Matic places an extension in Firefox, but It doesn't work or have one for Pale Moon. Does anyone know where to get one for the latest Pale Moon x64 version (25.8.1 x64)?
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