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  1. Hi, Thank you for your time and great help. I really appreciate your feedback and I am very thankful for your time and support. Solved! Many thanks.
  2. I need some quick and professional help: When I started my Outlook Express yesterday, the newest e-mail was from January... I couldn't believe it and checked it, tried to sort by date, shut down Windows again, rebooted, opened Outlook Express again, but still my e-mails from the last 10 Months are just missing!! I have no idea what happened. Maybe the .dbx file is corrupt, no idea. I am using Outlook Express 6 on XP SP 2. The files in the SENT box and in all other boxes are still there and up to date. Only the INBOX seems to have lost all e-mails from the last 10 months. The .dbx files are there, the INBOX is quite huge, over 1 GB. So, I think all my e-mails are still there, but somehow the .dbx file got corrupted. How can I recover all my e-mails, how can I fix this corrupted .dbx file? I already tried to copy all files and then just import it back to Outlook Express but it won't recognize the full INBOX, still e-mails from the last 10 months are missing. Can someone help me with this and tell me, what is the best way, or the best software recovery tool, for recovering my inbox (.dbx file)?
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