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  1. Sounds like the network card is on the way out. Does it work with a wired connection?

    See if you can borrow a wireless dongle off someone and see if that works.

    Nope - I can't get an internet connection using a wire either.

    I don't know of anyone with a wireless dongle, and I'm not certain I want to spend money on one when I'm looking at replacing the entire computer. If I find someone with one, I'll be sure to try it out just for the sake of seeing if it will actually work!

  2. Just to be sure copy and paste these lines into Notepad


    @Echo on


    attrib -h -s -r hosts

    echo localhost>HOSTS

    attrib +r +h +s hosts


    ipconfig /release

    ipconfig /renew

    ipconfig /flushdns

    netsh winsock reset all

    netsh int ip reset all

    shutdown -r -t 1

    del %0



    Save as flush.bat to your desktop.

    Double click on the flush.bat file to run it. Vista and Windows 7... right click the .bat file and choose to run as Administrator. Your computer will reboot itself.


    Let us know if you get any "joy"...






    Thanks for your response! I did as you said, but upon rebooting, my computer did not attempt to connect to the wifi. When I manually tried to connect, it gave me the same "unable to connect" message.

  3. Hi there,

    I've been looking all over for any information that could help me with my computer's (laptop, Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 520) recent issues with connecting to the internet, but nothing has helped. A few days ago, the power went out briefly, and when it came back on, my computer was unable to connect to the internet. I tried resetting both the router and my computer several times, but it still wouldn't connect. I tried plugging the ethernet cable directly into the laptop, and it could not connect. I've tried disabling wifi, re-enabling it, updating network drivers, deleting and reinstalling the drivers, performing a system recovery - all to no avail. The only thing that worked was me unplugging the router and modem, disabling wifi on my laptop, resetting my laptop, plugging the router and modem back in, and then re-enabling wifi on my laptop. This allowed my computer to access the internet for maybe five minutes before it disconnected again. I have not been able to re-connect since. I have also tried connecting to the wifi at my boyfriend's house - and it will not connect to his wifi either. My laptop is able to see that there are wifi connections available, and I have "automatically connect" selected for my preferred connection, but it will not attempt to connect, and when I do so manually, it simply tells me it is unable to connect. I am using Windows 7 - I tried upgrading to 10 awhile ago but found a few bugs with it that made me want to switch back (perhaps sticking with 7 for so long has made some problem with my system's connectivity? I don't know...). The laptop itself is getting a bit old - I've had it for over four years now. In addition, it fell to the ground (not by my doing :( ) several months ago, and since then the screen has slowly been detaching from the rest of the computer. The screen is not sitting correctly, so any time I open it, it makes cracking sounds and the screen separates a little bit on the side (at this point I can see into the screen of the laptop both from the side and the bottom), and the one side has almost entirely lifted off of the base of the laptop (there is a small wire still connecting the two when it separates this far, but it appears to be fraying). I was looking into getting a new laptop anyway - I wanted to upgrade to an msi/alienware/asus gaming/or razor laptop - but in terms of functionality, my laptop was still operating perfectly fine before this whole internet ordeal. I'm uncertain if the breaking down of the physical laptop is connected to the fact that the internet will not connect, but I thought I would include as much detail as possible. I had hoped to avoid rushing into buying a new laptop so soon (I wanted to do a lot of research and get advice), but I use my laptop and internet for everything, so as it currently is, I'm feeling pretty pressured into purchasing one ASAP. Any advice is greatly appreciated!



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