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  1. Just heard today that bad-actors and some less-than trustworthy individuals/government agencies are stealth-installing Pegasus on devices of people whom they want to surveil. Can your anti-malware software detect this? I can't think of any reason the government would find me threatening, except that I believe in reliance on God, not government, and tend to be rather open about my faith on-line.
  2. Check this link: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-update/kb3163018-will-not-install/b8376131-c9c4-4494-9a1f-2eb7709f1027?auth=1 I had a similar problem last year and found that there were "duplicate user profile keys" in the registry for a program I had installed. For some reason, it prevented updates (i.e., caused them to fail). Deleting the duplicates solved the problem, but it's a risky business. I wish you well.
  3. Hi guys, I had this problem a few months back, and it had to do with multiple profiles for the same "user" in the registry. In checking for solutions, I came across an entry in https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-update/kb3163018-will-not-install/b8376131-c9c4-4494-9a1f-2eb7709f1027?auth=1. Check the solution of JimHornby1744, who found "duplicate ProfileList entries." In his case the duplicates were UpdatusUser entries, of which he had 2. He deleted one and got the update to work. In my case, I had 4 profiles registered for "user" PCPitstopSVC. After determining which one was the active profile, I deleted the rest. Windows update has been working ever since. I submitted this to the PC Pitstop help desk, and I assume they are working on a fix for their installer. I hope this helps.
  4. Hi all, After 30-plus years in the healthcare field (as a medical laboratory technologist) I've retired, so I have some time to pursue "other things." I've always had a moderate interest in computers and have put a few together from components and repaired others (my own or friends'), since the Lord has given me some diagnostic skills. Having been employed in the medical field, I see the importance of research. My younger brother died of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. I've survived cancer twice (prostate and thyroid) both of which were caught as if by accident in the very early stages. (I don't believe in "accidents" or mere "coincidences" as though they were random occurrences, but as superintended by a beneficent Creator to give us opportunity to serve others.) My wife has also survived cancer (breast), so I have further motivation to fold. And fold I will. It's a pleasure and a privilege to join this intrepid and committed team. Thank you for the opportunity. Earl
  5. Jus' ploddin' along on my spare computer...
  6. I have PCMatic installed on three computers, but the AdBlocker app only installed on one of my Chrome installations. How do I get it on the other two?
  7. Thanks guys. Any tips on increasing processing speed? I'm running Win-X on a Pentium Dual E2220 @ 2.4 GHz on an MSI Biostar G41M7 mobo. I haven't looked into overclocking, but was wondering if there are tweaks I can make in the FAH user interface.
  8. Just ran over the 10K mark this morning with my spare computer folding 24/7 for the past week. How many on the team? Blessings.
  9. I'm a little late hopping into this discussion, and by now you've probably found a solution, but in my experience a brief power out as you've described with both WiFi and cable failures seems to indict the router. To reset the router properly (NOT the "factory reset" that requires re-programming the thing) you may need to unplug the modem/router power for at least 1 minute, maybe more, to clear any corrupted data. Then re-boot the modem/router and see if your computer can "see" the WiFi SSID or connect with a cable.
  10. Hi IntelGuy, Thank for the explanation. Is this ad-blocker compatible with AdBlock? Can I disable this app? P.S. Love that verse! Keeps me on track.
  11. This (user called "PcPitstopSVC"at login screen) happened to me once on Dec 31. I figured it was just a "user" account set up by an installer that apparently installed a PC Pitstop app in Google Chrome that showed up about the same time. The next time I started the PC, the new account was not there. The user folder is still there, and it still shows up under Computer Management/.../Users. The Chrome app hasn't caused any problems (yet), so I've just left it. However, I'd like to know its function and how best to use it, since I don't recall requesting it or get any documentation when it was installed. I can see how someone unfamiliar with PC Pitstop's track record (which I consider to be sterling) might find it a bit disconcerting to witness such stealth installs.
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