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  1. Wondering if there is a new virus out there that is causing machines to go to automatic Repair. In the last three weeks I have had three desktop and one laptop computers crash then defaulting to the automated repair message. I have never seen the message before three weeks ago on any of my machines running Windows 10. Any advise is appreciated.
  2. Recently purchased a new computer and after installing all the software including PCMatic I now have discovered I have been infected with multiple types of Malware, mostly adware that made their first appearances in websites I normally visit. Ran Pcmatic and did manage to get rid of a few of them but certain ones came right back DNSlocker for one was still attaching itself to any hyperlinks in articles I read. Decided to add Malwarebytes to my upgrades and in running their program they have gotten rid of a further 19 programs including the dreaded DNSLocker. But wait there's more, with Mal
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