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  1. Wondering if there is a new virus out there that is causing machines to go to automatic Repair. In the last three weeks I have had three desktop and one laptop computers crash then defaulting to the automated repair message. I have never seen the message before three weeks ago on any of my machines running Windows 10. Any advise is appreciated.
  2. Recently purchased a new computer and after installing all the software including PCMatic I now have discovered I have been infected with multiple types of Malware, mostly adware that made their first appearances in websites I normally visit. Ran Pcmatic and did manage to get rid of a few of them but certain ones came right back DNSlocker for one was still attaching itself to any hyperlinks in articles I read. Decided to add Malwarebytes to my upgrades and in running their program they have gotten rid of a further 19 programs including the dreaded DNSLocker. But wait there's more, with Malwarebytes running in the background I am receiving further messages that I am still infected with at least 5 more viruses with such names as Flipmodule.info, Dynamodule.info, M55.dnsqa.me, blogmiller.info, and dynarunner.info. I am trying to get rid of these last few but they have embedded themselves deep enough they everything I send to hunt them down has failed. I am looking for help in trying to get rid of these last few and to add to any database for anyone else who might be having issues with these POS. James Lancaster
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