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  1. It has been resolved by deleting the temporary internet files. Thank you
  2. PC Matic will skip malware scan. All other scans seem to run fine. Have tried to reinstall and change the type of malware can I get the attached error.
  3. Just ran a scan with MB 3.0.5. Still flagging PC Matic.
  4. Will there be an update or can we just use the current versions?
  5. I just received this update. More details on why they flagged PC Matic. https://blog.malwarebytes.com/puppum/2016/12/why-malwarebytes-detects-pc-pitstop-as-potentially-unwanted/
  6. I just ran a new scan with each program and they are both coming up as PUP flies with each program? Not sure if there is a some sort of competitiveness going on here or what. Anyone know how to tell both programs to stop flagging each other as PUPS?
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